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4 Kinds Of Ladies You Should Not Dare To Date, Court Or Marry

Choice-making is a stage at which a maritally matured young man or woman is ripe enough and ready to find and choose a right life partner for himself or herself for marriage, which involves taking some necessary steps like prayer, counseling from professional marriage counselor for marital guidance and advice, looking into the word of God for spiritual directions, and finally, dating or courting to get acquainted with the would-be partner in order to know his or her compatibility for marriage.


What’s Courtship And Its Normal Time Length?

Courtship is a kind of relationship that takes place between two people (two partners who have agreed to marry each others) to know each other's comparability and suitability for marriage, which always precedes engagement and marriage, and which does not involve physical contact like, touching, hand-holding, kissing until marriage is established between them.

3 Signs To Know You Are In A Perfectly Good Relationship

3 Signs To Know If You Are In A Perfec Good Relationship—the three signs (points) to be discussed below here are the major basic signs to be expecting in any relationship that will agree with your destiny. The existence of these three things are the best way to know whether the relationship is in agreement with your life or not, and this is how you can easily discover maybe you are in the right relationship or not.

How To Know If Your Relationship Is Driven By Love Or Infatuation?—You’ve Got To Know!

You've Got To Know that If a relationship is driven by Infatuation. If a relationship is driven by infatuation, then such a relationship is at the brink of sudden break up without warning or remedy; it will never last. But if a relationship is driven by true love, then such a relationship will enjoy long life-span; it will be strong, peaceful and meaningful. You've got to know the difference between love and infatuation.

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Have Sex During Your First Date

I am focusing this post majorly on women because I have studied and observed that women are the major victims of the negative effects of having sex during first date or before marriage, but little is that of men, though,... Continue Reading →

Understanding 6 Major Things That Can Quickly Kill Your Relationship

You must understand how to build healthy relationship against enemies/killers of relationship, and you must get rid of those things that can quickly kill your relationship without remedy before you can succeed in your relationship.

4 Reasons Today’s Women Prefer To Stay Single Before And After Marriage

Though, singleness is not a sin, but it may be a sin if the reason for which it occurs is not genuine, or maybe it's just for self gratification, as most of today's women do just because they want to please themselves or where a woman can't stay under man's roof anymore, perhaps because the situation is not ok for the man or because of first three reasons discussed here: Singleness is a sin if it occurs for the first three reasons discussed in this post, except number four reason: pure marital problem.

7 Things A Young Lady Should Consider Before Discussing Her Past With Her Partner

As a woman, what should you put into consideration before beginning discussing your past with your partner?

Should Married Couples Deny themselves Access To Each Other’s Cell Phone?

Marriage relationship needs married couples' in-depth understanding for marriage to be crisis-free. Should they at all fight over cell phone? But this does happen! Why and what's the cause?

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