Money and sex in marriage
Money and sex

Marriage is a vital component of human being’s life, and there is no ceremony worth compared to it. And there have been a lot controversies generated over the issue that marriage is all about money and sex, hence this question, “is marriage all about money and sex?”. And this particular question has really been a hot controversial point of view among some group of people in our world today, most especially among those who are young men and women, who are just starting out as husband and wife to have their own family.  And also, this same issue has been found to be one of the currently hot and trending controversial marital topics that has called for the attention of both religion and non-religion experienced and expert marriage counselors/teachers to give these young men and women an factual orientation about this issue. Therefore, it’s on this note that I am also here having this post crafted purposely for shedding light on this same subject matter, “is marriage all about sex or money?“.

What’s Marriage?

Before moving further, I deemed it fit and proper that I define briefly what is called marriage. Yes, I know you know and understand what it means more than I do, but it’s important to give It brief definition for the purpose of in-depth understanding of our discussion as regards this argumentative, controversial subject matter of this post. And I believe there is no way we can discuss this kind of topic without mentioning what the word marriage means, as the the major key issue in this topic. And therefore, as a result, what’s marriage, then?:

Definition: Marriage is a divine institution, a covenant, a bond, a tool of comfort, a tool for perfection, a spiritual house built by God, a remedy, an instrument of liberty and unity, an instrument for family and God’s earthly dominion, and a union between a financially, emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally matured man and a woman who have agreed to come together to be committed to each other as husband and wife and thus become one in truly pure and unfeigned love forever.

Sex And Money In Marriage

Sex and money matter are two major vital issues in marriage that shouldn’t be neglected or left untreated or handled with levity hand if we really want to solidify our home and marriage relationship to produce the desired result (fruit) for us. Some don’t realize this that these two things are among the great pillars on which the marriage structure’s success rests heavily; and without these two things, marriage’s success is impossible and highly questionable. “Sex consummates marriage, and money is a defence”, they say. These two statements are the capital truth in managing marriage successfully. Living them out of our marriage has great propensity to destroy it beyond remedy. The financial and sexual capacity of couples are the major component of their marital strength to achieved incomparable and unfathomable marital success beyond imagination. Thus, these two factors are to be and must be mutually handled and monitored by every couple with pure understanding and love in high sincerity and maturity in order to enjoy to the fullest their marriage benefits.

Therefore, Is Marriage All About Sex Or Money Because Both Are Important In Marriage; Which One Is The Most Important?

This is capital NO! Marriage is not all about sex and money, but they are basically very important factors in marriage, and they serve great functions in strengthening the marriage relationship to somewhat, most especially, sex. There are many vital factors for making the marriage a success and productive, about which couples must not be ignorant, as without them, success in marriage is highly questionable.

Which Is The Most Important? Money Or Sex?

In the above, we said that both sex and money are very important, but the question now is, which is the most important in marriage? Or, do both do the same thing in marriage? Do they both play the same roles in marriage? Do they both have the same function in marriage?  If it’s no, then what makes the difference between them? What makes one so much important than the other? One fact I want you to know is that: “money and sex are both to the marriage as blood to the body”: they are indispensable: if there is no money in marriage, woman will definitely leave one day without bidding farewell to man before she leave! And also if there is no sex in marriage, woman will definitely go out to look for an alternative to meet her sexual need (she will look for the way to satisfy herself sexually)! How then do we decide the most important one in this situation because both are interwoven? The answer is if you make in-depth observation about these two things, if you critically examine them, you will definitely discover some hidden truths and facts about them. And it’s this observation that I have made regarding this that I am able to discover some indisputable facts about the two subject matters here, which I want you too to know very clearly, so that you could know the real significance of these two words, sex and money, in marriage.

More factually, as said earlier, sex is to marriage as blood is to the body. Therefore, sex is far more important than money, and it’s a must in marriage; it’s God’s perfect tool for preserving marriage and keeping husband and wife together in good loving condition. It reinforces marriage relationship. Though money is important, but its significance is not worth compared with that of sex.  If marriage relationship is not healthy, or is dead, or is on the brink of being dead, the cause is traceable to the lack of sex. Realistically, study has shown that marriage can survive to some extent if money is lacked in it, but if sex is lacked in it, it cannot not survive. Marriage without sex gives room to Devil to operate and take away its joy, hence disintegration.  The book of 1 Corinthians 7: 9 says, “but if they cannot contain, let them marry; for it’s better to marry than to burn“. And also, 7: 4-5 says  ”4The wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does; and likewise also the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife does. 5Stop depriving one another, except by agreement for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer, and come together again so that Satan will not tempt you because of your lack of self-control”. Furthermore, Scripturally, it’s obvious that sex consummates and preserves marriage, and it’s one of the major reasons the home is set up. There are so many reasons for which sex is found to be far more important than money, and for which reason it can and must never be undervalue or underestimated in marriage; it shouldn’t be sold short between husband and wife if they truly want to be successful maritally.

Furthermore, sex or romance in marriage is one of the areas couples must comprehensibly handled and managed because, as said earlier, it greatly reinforces marriage covenant. Money cannot produce a child, but sex does. Money only produces financial happiness between a couple. A sexually inactive marriage is heading for destruction. Sex, as an incomparable benefit of marriage, has been considered one of the great facilitators of marital success, which must not be alienated between a couple. Money does not make a home; it does not make a home or marriage a success, but obedience what does.


Sex and money are both important, but sex is far more important than money in marriage. A healthy marriage relationship is always traceable to the active sexual activity between husband and wife in marriage. Therefore, Sex should be intelligibly managed by couple; it should not be alienated, neglected and undervalued for any reason at all, because alienating it is a sure way leading straight to invitation to Devil and his cohorts. Though, money is also very important in marriage, but it’s not the number one factore needed by couple to build a happy and successful married life. Therefore, marriage is not all about sex and money, but they are the major vital factors in marriage.