Marriage proposal
Let nature speak: it’s against nature that woman propose to man

This post discusses the controversially hot question some youths are presently asking: “who is the first person to propose between man and woman”, and it gives final judgment on whether it’s right or wrong for a woman to propose to a man, as some people claim that it’s nothing bad that woman propose to man. It answers these two basic questions: 1, is it a curse?, and 2, is it the sign of the end-time? Check it out! If you can’t finish reading it, you can come back because I know the post is too long.

Recent Discovery 

Recently, I watched a TV show discussing this topic: “who’s the first person to propose between man and woman?”, and I was very interested in the topic because I observed that this particular topic has for long time been causing serious controversy among people, most especially youths. Some say: “it’s natural and that there is nothing bad or wrong in that a man look for a woman he desires to make his partner or wife to walk up to her for proposal, claiming further that this has been so for long time (since this world has been created), and it can never be changed while the other group of youths completely disregarded this and refused to buy this opinion by bluntly opposing them, claiming that as a man has the right to propose to a woman, so a woman has hundred percent right to walk up to a man she desires in her heart for proposal. Oh! This is serious! Is it true? Do you buy this idea? I think not so! Woman proposing to man? Know! Therefore, as a result of this controversy, I find that it’s good for me to contribute to this controversial points of view of these groups of youths who want to know reality about this particular matter. 

NOTE: To me, I see no reason for this particular issue to be such a controversial matter because there are some things (some realities) that nature teaches us human beings that we do not agree with because of civilisation and ignorance, isn’t it?—even if we will agree, it will not be so easily. Why? Even though if we know it’s a reality, but because of self-gratification and self-interest, as a result of the world’s civilization and ignorance, we always find it difficult to accept reality that nature teaches us!—and this has been the major source of misbehaviors of we human beings! Therefore, If nature teaches us a reality, let’s accept it; and let’s not ague! You and I must know it’s a natural matter for man to propose to woman, but it’s not natural for woman to propose to man. Though, it’s true and factual that what man can do—woman can do, too, but not everything! Therefore, in this particular case, it’s abnormality and unnatural for woman to propose to man! This is not how God has arranged it between man and woman! Doing this is like putting a cart before the horse and changing the natural to unnatural! 

Woman Is made for man; she’s one of his ribs. So, this makes it very clear that it’s man who has the sole right to propose (pursue) to woman: this is why he must leave his parents and pursue, look for his own missed and lost rib; that’s, woman, in order to create his own personal family. 

Marriage Proposal: The First Inevitable Step To Marriage

Marriage proposal, the first step to marriage, has to be understood as an inevitable step that must be taken by the person, usually man, who’s planning to get married in order to become one real legitimate family, as the Creator of the universe, the almighty God, has arranged it. In Scripture (the Bible), when the Creator created man named, Adam, the first man, father of the universe, then, after that, He created woman named, Eve, the mother of the universe. And after the creation of the woman was complete, He (God) had to first make an introduction of the woman He created to the man He had created, Adam, in the garden of Eden. After the woman was brought to the man for introduction by the living God himself, immediately, at that same spot, man, instinctively by knowledge, understood her to be called a woman, and he (Adam), from there, saw and knew her as his wife. Look at what Adam said in the book of Genesis chapter 2: 22-23: “Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. The man said, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman, ’for she was taken out of man

And from there (after Adam knew Eve as his wife), what we call marriage began finally, and they both began living together as husband and wife in love and understanding, and as a result of this, both became the first family on earth. This marks the beginning of marriage and the journey of the first family on earth, in the Bible, till today.

That clearly said and explained, but now, regarding the hot controversial question that’s ongoing between these two group of youths: “between man and woman, who’s the first person to propose?” We have to understand that it’s very glaring to the eyes of man how God has arranged for this (marriage proposal) to occur between man and woman. Therefore, as a result of this, I wouldn’t want to give an answer to this without checking through the Scripture for establishing, corroborating and buttressing my viewpoints regarding this matter to clear the doubt of this post’s readers.

Is It Proper And Natural For A Woman To Propose To A Man? What Does The Bible Say About This?

First, to clear your doubt about this issue, as said earlier, you have to know what the Bible says about this. In the book of Genesis chapter 2 quoted above, verse 24 of it makes a clear statement about the issue being discussed here: “that is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh”. Can you see what the Scripture says here? It must be very clear to your eyes and mind that only man is naturally permitted to run after (to pursue) woman for marriage proposal, but it’s highly unnatural and improper and even abnormal for any woman to decide walking up to a man for proposal. No, it’s not done this way! God hasn’t arranged It this way! For whatever reason, it’s not proper for a woman—perhaps because she’s so much in love in her heart with the man—to open her mouth to propose to a man for marriage or dating,or whatever. It’s against nature! Even nature is against it, too! Doing this by any woman will only bring the woman to dishonour before the man; it’s absurd. it will be like putting the cart before the horse (that’s, doing things in the wrong order). Why? This is because God has never arranged marriage to be occurring this way between man and woman. Before marriage takes place between a man and a woman, man must have looked for a woman he desires in his heart and pursued he to the extent of walking up to her, standing before her, and looking at her in the face, one on one and eyes to eyes, and propose to her by uttering one or two statements of love that shows the woman that he (the man), in his mind, really loves her and really meant her to be her wife, the mother of his children. This is clearly how God has arranged it from the beginning, and I strongly believe that it can never be changed, even if the world, the civilization is trying to change this! If you say it will change, then this is Satan at work! Because he only wants to turn the programs and the arrangements of God for mankind upside down, so that his deadly aims for them could become materialized. 

Furthermore, let’s take for instance, imagine, you, as a man (I am referring to you if you are a man reading this post), suddenly one day a woman just walked up to you and confronted you, face-to-face, and said: “hello brother, please wait a minute: can I have one or two words with you?”, thinking she was going to tell you something other than this! And at first, let’s assume that fortunately and luckily for her, you waited to give her audience, hearing her voice. And when she came near you, she introduced herself to you and said to you, by trying to romance you by sweet, romantic, loving words,—as a man does to a woman he desires to make his wife—telling you the way she feels about you, telling you she’s deeply in love with you, and that she likes the way you move, your behavior, and that she would like you to be her life partner, her husband, the father of her children!” What would you think about her at that spot? Don’t lie or pretend here! You would feel embarrassed and think somehow about her! You would feel this is how she is used to be doing to attract some other men like you to herself, an that she wants to do the same to you, to!. Even if she didn’t confront you directly this way, but she used body language, like many women are doing today, you would feel somehow about her! Why this “somehow feeling? It’s because, you, as a man, know that it’s not a proper and normal thing for a responsible woman to do! You would even think she is a prostitute or mad or she’s left-out because she found no man to propose to her, and that’s why she’s so desperate to confront you that manner! Why would you think this way, friend? It’s because it’s not—at all—natural, from ages, for a woman to do this on account of finding a partner! Let me tell you here, if you don’t know, you must now know that if this happened, it means something has gone wrong somewhere with such a woman; and it’s a curse! It’s in the Bible. Or, it maybe because she’s shameless.

Civilization Mentality: The World Is In Utter Danger!

Are you saying—”civilization”? You mean we are now in civilized world, where everything is new, and that there is nothing bad in that woman proposes to man In search of partner instead of man proposing to woman? Hey! No wonder the world is what it is today! World has given birth to civilization, and civilization has now given birth to corruption, sin and misbehavior! What should we say about this! The spirit of “it-doesn’t-matter” has taken over the world and our mind, as a result of mentally misbehavior; which is causing us to be doing something shameful bad but counting it something right! We have to wake up because it’s not like this in the days of our forefathers! The world is in utter danger if this false orientation, soul-harming mentality does not change.

Is It Truly A Curse? Is It A Sign Of The End-tine And Shamelessness?

This Is My Final Judgment:

I told you that to buttress and corroborate my viewpoints as regards this issue I have to look into the Scripture for facts, for what the Bible says concerning this, that which I have already done in the above. But, I want to cite one more Bible verse in the Scripture so that this can be very clear to you what I am trying to pass across to you in this post.

The book of Isaiah chapter 4: 1 says:  “And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach.”

If you remember, in the above paragraph, I said it’s a curse for a woman to propose to a man in search of life partner. Yes, I repeat it here that it’s a real curse which is as results shamelessness! I think you have seen it in the above quoted book of Isaiah? And it’s a sign of end time also. How then it’s a sign of the end-time and a curse? You see that verse quoted that says, “in that ‘day’, seven women shall take hold of ONE MAN”, by saying further: “we want you to marry us only to bear your name”, even if there’s—if it doesn’t involve sex, but just to bear the man’s name—no sex involved. We are already in that day and time the Bible is referring to. I mean the day and time, when women will be begging one man to have her hand in marriage with him! This is a time and day when women will be fighting over one man! Why? Because of the prophetic curse placed upon them in the book of Isaiah, as revealed in the Scripture! Or, Is it not a curse for seven women to be taking hold of one man, so that he could marry them as wife. Okay, furthermore, in what day is it referring to?  It’s referring to the last days, as mentioned and explained in the book of 1 Timothy 3: 1,  which says: [b]ut understand this, that in the last days there will come times of stress. This is one of the event of the last days the Bible is talking about, a time and a day when people will find it very difficult to accept truth, but instead following false teachings/doctrines that will pollute their mind and take it away from their God. Therefore, to be factual, woman proposing to man is completely a curse, lack of shame, and sign of the last days, the end-time! And therefore, my final judgement is, it’s a complete abnormality for woman to be proposing to man because it’s completely against the nature, the way God has ordered and arranged it from the beginning of the creation of marriage between man and woman. That is why a MAN LEAVES his FATHER and MOTHER and is UNITED to his WIFE, and they become one flesh. What more fact do you want after this? I think there should be no more argument over this.


Every youth must know that for a woman to propose to a man is abnormality and against nature. God didn’t arrange marriage to occur between man and woman this way. It’s only that we are getting it wrong and putting it in wrong order. Therefore, I say it’s permitted only for man from the beginning of the world to leave his mother and father and go after his woman, cling to her, and from there become one forever. The only thing the Bible says about woman is that her heart shall be towards her husband always. This is called the force of love, and it pleases God to make it that way.