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Apata Olusola Emmanuel is a Christian by religion, a professional, versatile creative writer and blogger. He loves to write about anything he sees adding values to life and destiny and his generation at large. His pastime includes reading, studying, searching and researching for factually genuine and constructive meaningful information, both online and offline. He is a bookworm who can’t miss a day feeding both his brain and mind with some vital, invaluable information abstracted from the right sources. Apata is a composite of disparate knowledge and experience as a writer/blogger, a person of high philosophy. He believes that there’s nothing one can’t know or do in the presence of determination, courage and commitment, plus faith in God. He is an egalitarian person who treats everyone around him with egalite. One of his sayings: “knowledge is a holy grail in the life of every success aspiring person; a strength for healthy and successful living”.

Grateful for the amazing people that surround him, those who have been composite of his best part in life.

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