Young lady, be quick to hear but slow answer. Desperate bad men are lurking in the corner to get you with those sweet but deceptive, misleading words

This post is created for those young women who consider it fit and very important that they succeed maritally—it’s for those young women who want to have joy and happiness getting married in life. And thus, the post is all about what a young lady should know, be aware of and familiar to beforehand before any man comes on their way, walk up to them for proposal, appearing so responsible, real and serious, but who only comes with such a sugarcoated mouth full of sweet words that are full of deception to get what he only wants from her quickly and go. I think every reasonable, wise and responsible young lady should be familiar with those deceptive words that always come clearly out of those irresponsible men who have filled our world today. Listen, this post may sound or appear so or somehow funny or unreasonable to you, but it carries some unfathomable weights that you can’t even imagine.

Word Of Advice

You must know that one of the main purpose of this site is to teach people, especially young men and women who are starting out to have a right life partner for themselves in order to settle down to become a family in life and to have a perfect clear sight of the direction, the place they going maritally to have the whole rest of their life shared with somebody they are not related to in any area, but all for the sake of marriage. So, my advice is, please make sure you read this particular post to your understanding and apply every point made here in your choice-making journey to avoid the terrible mistake some have made, those who are in serious regret till this moment. Read and imbibe the points made here to make the right choice in life.  I strongly believe you will enjoy reading!

Deceptive Sweet Words: Today’s Men’s Way Of Getting Women Hooked In Their Net

I think the responsible women should know the kind of men they are dealing with in our world today: though these men are truly looking for women to marry, but most of them, 55 percent of them, are not truly responsible (so to say but sorry to say) They are intelligent men full of sweet clever words a woman would ever wants to hear because they know women are attracted only to sweet words (women are always found to be attracted to what they hear than to what they see), but the words which are completely covered with lies and deception, found so misleading and misguiding; they are the words which make these men appear so real and original when they appear before ladies, but the words which have no trait of reality of ending in marriage at all. These group of men are so desperate and clever enough to easily bring woman into their net by the sweet clever words that ooze out of their mouth and easily get that woman completely hooked with their crude, raw perfect lies that will make the woman look so dazzled with useless unreasonable infatuation which they call love in their own term and understanding. But hey, it’s so unfortunate that most of today’s women are also gullible enough to be falling easily for these men on the basis of their ability to speak intelligently without thinking of the end result of their fall for these type of men.  No wonder, divorce is common and rampant in marriage in our world today because of the way the so-called today’s marriage begins. It ends the way it begins!

Four Statements A Young Lady Should Be Very Careful About During Proposal

Under here are the four major deceptive statements a young lady should be aware of, familiar with, and careful about when man walk up to her for proposal. They may be sweet and interesting though, but they are not the sign of love:

  1. I have money; come into my world—Young lady, if a young guy comes on your way, walks up to you and says: “look I have money; come to my world, and I am gonna make you spend it for me anyhow you want”, you must know that fools are easily known by their words, and the statement of a fool describes him best. This statement shows the kind of guy you want to fall for: he only thinks and considers walking up to you to propose to you based on his belief that this is what you only need that you could easily be attracted to, and not because he wants to make you happy getting you married in life. He only thinks of getting you by introducing himself to you via what every woman are irresistibly attracted to, money! If you fall for this kind of man, then this shows you are both the same. It shows you are a bird of a feather that flocks together.
  2. I have got what you need—If a man walks up to you for proposal and says, “I have got what you need”, then this shows that he knows what you actually need, your weakness, in the deepest of his mind, and he is ready to make it available to you at all cost, as much as you want and desire to have it, but not on a genuine ground of real or true love, but it’s only on the ground of utter deception to fulfill his basic aim on you. This statement shows that the moment you fall for a guy like this and allow him to get what he wants (to pass on you) from you, then he will suddenly turn against you and begin to look for your mistake just to call the relationship quit immediately between you and him and go his way. Therefore, young lady, you’ve got to be very careful as to not fall in the hand of a wolf in sheep’s clothing young man, someone who is desperate enough to tear your destiny apart within a minute and go his damned way without bidding you farewell! There are many of them lurking in the corner looking for ladies like you to devour and destroy! Be ware!
  3. I am a man…I get what I want when I want even when I don’t really like it—This statement usually occurs, most especially when the lady being proposed to is not seeming to give the guy an audience, perhaps after sometime they both have been on this without any sign of good answer from the lady. The guy may then suddenly say, “okay I understand you. I get what you want, and I am gonna give it what it takes to get what you want because I am man, and I get what I want when I want at all cost because I love you”. If you notice a guy walk up to you and utter this statement maybe consciously or unconsciously, quickly talk to your mind and sense before the guy completely get into you. He may not mean something bad in his mind saying this though, but sometimes some guys are wicked, desperate and cunning enough to mean the opposite: he may say this on the ground of his loving you, or on the ground of the opposite! You just have to be very careful in this situation because the opposite may be the case for you!
  4. I love the way you look (your appearance) and I can’t resist having you in my life—This happens when a guy is completely attracted to you seeing the way you are (because of the way you look, your appearance, but not because he loves you). Perhaps you are a kind of person with a lot of sex appeal, and as a result, the guy is irresistibly forced to walk up to you to propose to you with the sole aim of making pass on you for once and go. If you see a guy who happen to say this statement before you, be careful that you don’t fall victim of his cunning dirty way of getting women.


Today’s men are desperate enough to get a woman they see attractive to them with all sorts of sweet words they feel could easily bring them to their net irresistibly. They believe women are easily attracted to what they hear than to what they see with their eyes. Therefore, every wise women is quick to here but slow answer. Young woman, when you are those sweet words, don’t be carried away by them, but try to be extra-careful!