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December 2016

3 Basic Reasons Today’s Men Don’t Want To Get Married Anymore

Take Me By My Word, For Every Point Made Here (3 basic reasons some men don't want to get married anymore) Is A Rare Fact You Could Hardly Hear Anywhere Online. It's Not Just A Blog To Make Money, But It's A Blog To Bring What Is Maritally Happening In Our World To Limelight And Reveal Their Causes.


4 Stages Of Maturity: The Perfect Time To Get Married

Getting matured before getting married is a great way to avoid and overcome crisis caused by or associated with immaturity in marriage, be it financial immaturity, spiritual immaturity, physical immaturity or emotional immaturity.

Understanding 14 Kinds Of Marital Winds

Marital winds or storms are those challenging situations or circumstances (which may either be from husband's or wife's family side or friends, relatives, e.t.c) that rise against marriage to the extent of destroying its existence

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