Take Me By My Word, For Every Point Made Here (3 basic reasons some men don’t want to get married anymore) Is A Rare Fact You Could Hardly Hear Anywhere Online. It’s Not Just.A Blog To Make Money, But lt’s A Blog To Bring What Is Maritaly Happening In Our World To Limelight And Reveal Their Causes.

Men don't get married anymore
Three basic reasons today’s men refuse to get married

This post is created based on the clear fact and evidence seen in the world of men today through deep research, most especially in the world of entertainment, the music world majorly (sorry to say). And, here is a fact that this particular post is not at all aimed at speaking against anybody or any organization, but it just created for opening our eyes to some of the things that appears so wrong in our society today, which seriously calls for yours and mine attention to get this things tweaked for the better through any means found available for us. This is created to contribute to the betterment of our environment, nation and the world entirely. So, don’t think that this is aimed at someone, somewhere else.

Recent Study

Recent study shows that 65% of entertainment news and gists all over the world are presently talking about this particular issue “how some men (men in the music world), who are very popular and famous in the music world are always fond of dumping their women after using them or after having one or two children for them”—this is so disappointing because they are the voice of the nations. It’s revealed that 55% of these men in the entertainment and non-entertainment world are presently found in this marital mess. The surprise part of the story is that while interviewing some of them on one entertainment news recently, most of them were claiming and buttressing their statement with points found not genuine and reasonable (sorry to say). What a shame on the group of men who see their status, position as a celebrity in the world of entertainment as a way to live a life of bad example in the world they found themselves.

Is It Satan At work Or What?

The question here is that should we call this “Satan at work” or what?! No! This is a total and complete mess l have found so baffling and disgusting happening in the world of today’s men. Especially, among men musicians, those who are celebrities in the world of entertainment, those whom people all over the world are looking at, those whose music people are listening to everyday, those whom people, especially the upcoming young musicians, who also want to become a celebrity like them one day, those whom God has endowed to be a blessing to the whole world through their gift have now become a complete bad example to those who are coming behind and to the whole world. lt’s highly disappointing that these men are now the ones who are defacing the face of the glorious world we are in by their reckless, corrupt and demeaning behaviour.

Reasons (causes) For This Reckless Behaviour

  1. Irresponsibility—Some of today’s men don’t want to get married not because of anything, but because of the fact that most of them are irresponsible: most of these men are not ready to be a husband, but just only to be a father without any sign of taking any responsibility of becoming a husband. They just want to be having child and abandoning their responsibility as a husband and father. This is bad, and something should be done to this.
  2. Serial monogamy—Study shows that it’s very easy and highly convenient for today’s men, majorly and most especially among those today’s young men musicians because this mess is commonly found among them—as mentioned earlier—to have a girlfriend just for a while (this is so disappointing to hear) and enjoy all the marital privileges and benefits without the civil contract, and after this breakup and move on to another new girlfriend to continue this mess with her. I repeat, to men today, serial monogamy is easier than going through a divorce. And it’s quite unfortunate that 35% percent of men in the music world are already into this global mess, claiming it’s due to the nature of the job and thinking this is pure normal life for them to live, especially for a celebrity musician. This is complete ignorance on the part of these men. Yes, because it’s a life of curse.
  3. Bromances—Research shows that there are some men today, who don’t want to leave their BROMANCES (definition: a bromance is a close, platonic friendship of love, support and deep affection between two males, a close, emotionally intense, non-sexual bond between two men). These group of men are found to have always been so much in love to be hanging with other men like themselves. “And these men, being together, they always feel like a wife will keep them from this vital part of their social life“, says by one author.


This is a reality that those men who refuse to get married are already committing errors as their decision is not for a genuine reason, but just for self-gratification and turning against the will of the Creator for marriage. These category of men are called and advised to change their ways before it’s too late for them. I am not judging or saying they should marry by force, but I am saying the reality that marriage should not be forbidden for any wrong reason than for the will of God, the marriage originator .

Take Me By My Word, For Every Point Made Here (3 basic reasons some men don’t want to get married anymore) Is A Rare Fact You Could Hardly Hear Anywhere Online. It’s Not Just.