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February 2017

3 Signs To Know You Are In A Perfectly Good Relationship

3 Signs To Know If You Are In A Perfec Good Relationship—the three signs (points) to be discussed below here are the major basic signs to be expecting in any relationship that will agree with your destiny. The existence of these three things are the best way to know whether the relationship is in agreement with your life or not, and this is how you can easily discover maybe you are in the right relationship or not.


7 Foolish Reasons Today’s Women Engage In Sex With Men And Animals

Sex (lovemaking) is a vital issue in marriage; it should be treated with honor and respect between man and woman. But it's unfortunate that some of today's women fail to realize this, thereby giving themselves to sexual all sort foolishness

4 Ruinous Ideas Today’s Women Should Avoid Over Their Home

It is good to work and be a hard-working fellow. But hear this important and salient biblical truth, Parenting is a sacrificial work, give it all it takes, any work that will take away your attention too much from your home - #Avoid it and be careful!

3 Ways To Handle A Cheating Addict Husband In Marriage

What is cheating in marriage context? It simply means simply means an act of committing adultery or fornication: it's engaging in extramarital affair. It's an act of being dishonest and disloyal to one's partner in marriage. Cheating in marriage is one of the most common ways through which the Devil and his cohorts destroys so many marriage covenants today.

Top 5 Costly Wrong Reasons Today’s Married Women Cheat On Their Husbands

First, what is cheating in this context? In simple sentence, it means couples' involvement in extramarital affair, I.e., adultery (sex outside marriage, sex with a man other than real legal husband). It's the act of engaging in any form of sexual activity outside marriage.

How To Know If Your Relationship Is Driven By Love Or Infatuation?—You’ve Got To Know!

You've Got To Know that If a relationship is driven by Infatuation. If a relationship is driven by infatuation, then such a relationship is at the brink of sudden break up without warning or remedy; it will never last. But if a relationship is driven by true love, then such a relationship will enjoy long life-span; it will be strong, peaceful and meaningful. You've got to know the difference between love and infatuation.

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