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June 2017

Who’s The First Person To Propose Between Man And Woman?—Marriage Proposal

Marriage proposal, the first step to marriage, has to be understood as an inevitable step that must be taken by the person, usually man, who's planning to get married in order to become one real legitimate family, as the Creator of the universe, the almighty God, has arranged it.


7 Questions A Married Couple Must Never Ask Each Other That Could Have Negative Results Over Their Marriage

There is nothing bad in that partners (married partners) engage in discussion that involves them questioning each other, perhaps this is done to know some important l things about each other (this is called questioning-to-study), but this question must be reasonable, sensible, rational and very healthy in the sense that it must come out of true love and be for building and creating a better healthy and fruitful marriage relationship; but not for generating strife or for striking differences of any sort between each other.

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