Marriage relationship

This post basically deals with the seven unwholesome and marriage killing questions some married partners do ignorantly ask each other, perhaps for one reason or the other, which is discovered to have been engendering serious damage to their marriage and home (family as a whole). It discusses whether asking such questions is good or bad, logical, rational and reasonable or not. It briefly discusses the role of communication between married couples in marriage and gives a short brief advisory conclusion about the whole matter discussed here.

Communication: The Heartbeat Of Marriage

Communication in marriage is one of the major important factors in building a healthy marriage relationship. This is number factor that every responsible couple should endeavor to first have in marriage. Any marriage where this is lacked can never be successful. Couples must learn how to engage themselves in healthy communication, for this has for long time been discovered as one of the number one major tools by which every couple easily get to know each other characters, their various differences and weaknesses in marriage. A husband that knows how to communicationally handle his wife and the children will definitely enjoy his marriage to the fullest, and so if the wife knows how to communicationally handle his husband,  she will surely enjoy him to the core. But it’s so unfortunate today that not many couples know this fact. Healthy communication is the heartbeat of marriage; it’s a lifeblood of every successful marriage. By healthy, wholesome and meaningful communication between husband and wife, the home, family as a whole, always enjoy what I call perfect and healthy marriage relationship.

Boring Marriage Relationship 

Boring marriage relationship can be caused by lack of hot and healthy communication between couple. Show me a marriage relationship that’s hot, healthy and lively, and I will show a marriage relationship that gives room to healthy communication. When a marriage relationship is boring or dead, try to find out what’s wrong: there may be nothing missing than lively and supporting communication between husband and wife in the marriage. Therefore, communication shouldn’t be left out of marriage, no matter what. Therefore Couples, get communication to get your home and marriage in order. 

Is There Anything Bad In Asking Your Partner One Or Two Questions While You Both Are In Discussion?

Is there anything bad or wrong in asking your partner one or two questions while you both are in a very serious discussion in the home? I think this is capital NO. There is nothing bad in that partners (married partners) engage in discussion that involves them questioning each other, perhaps this is done to know some important things about each other (this is called questioning-to-study), but this question must be reasonable, sensible, rational and very healthy in the sense that it must come out of true love and be for building and creating a better healthy and fruitful marriage relationship; but not for generating strife or for pointing out differences of any sort between each other. Many partners have been found making a great mistake by asking unnecessary, irrational and detrimental questions that’s seriously damaged their marriage relationship (it’s a sorry case for them). Now, should you fall victim of this terrible mistake that some partners have made in their life, and as a result regretting it up till today? I think not so! Therefore, you’ve got to learn and know something here about asking your partner questions that will create deep love and reinforce marriage relationship. You’ve got to know the terrible implications of asking your partner such irrational and ignorance generated, marriage killing questions that could put your marriage in jeopardy without remedy. If you have a discussion with your partner, you can questions (but useless questions that could create a kind of negative thought that engenders strife) from pure love and understanding to the building of your home and marriage relationship

Seven Questions You Must Never Ask Your Partner That Could Engender Serious Trouble

Under here are the major seven questions married couples; that’s, married partners, most especially man partner, must never ask each other when they both are in important discussion about themselves or their marriage relationship and home. Why? It’s basically and purposely because this questions have been studied for some time now and have been discovered to have the capacity and hundred percent tendency to cause a negative kind of thought and reactions when they are asked, which could easily and definitely engender serious strife between two partners; because Satan could use them against their marriage. So, the seven questions going to be listed an fully discussed here are the major questions discovered to be leading to strife between couples, which must be strictly and wisely avoided by them:

  1. Imagine death came today, what would you do? Would you re-marry?—what a surprise! What a stupidly damned question! Let me ask you this question: please
    are you preparing to die now or what? Or, have you dreamt of death or has somebody told you that you were going to die soon? This is foolish! What I will just say here is that, please die first and let see maybe he or she will wait and decide to remain unmarried just because he or she love you and have promised to ever love you till the end. If you ask your partner this kind of question, it would seem to him or her you don’t trust her. Listen, even if you have seen any trace that he or she is looking suspicious in his dealing with you in that marriage, this is not the best question to ask this time. Why? It’s because this could cause the unexpected to swiftly happen between you both! Though man’s intentions are know through questions, but not through this type of question. You have to understand
  2. Do you want money?—Oh, what do you expect her to say? She needs more money. Yes, give her. Why should you ever ask this type of question? Have you forgotten that your wife is not a prostitute? She is your legal married wife! So, asking her such a foolish question will sound somehow to her. Though if she’s a kind of women who doesn’t worry or quickly count things, she may not care or worry asking her this question. But you’ve got to know that asking your wife this kind of question is a slap on her face; it’s offensively insulting. Only the prostitute ask for money from her partner! So, if you are doing this, that mean you regard a prostitute, so, stop now. Respect your wife.
  3. Who is better in bed between your ex and I?—look at you, fool! What if he or she wants to be faithful and says, “her or she ex is better, more solid, real acrobatic and bedroom tiger, but you are a dwarf in the land of giants. What will you say? This may cause an heart attack for you. You may even end have a stroke right at that spot. Why should you ask a question like this, for God’s sake?! Why should bring this into your marital discussion? It’s bad and terrible! A wise married partner will never ask this kind of question if he or she really wants to build a healthy marriage relationship between his or her legal partner. Question like this is a canker which when allowed between a couple in marriage, it eats deep into the marriage and eventually takes away the joy and happiness resulting from love and trust they have toward each other.
  4. How many times did you sleep with your ex?— What a foolish and indecent shameless question! Why should you ever ask your partner this kind of question? Okay, what if she or he says: there are countless number of times. Or, what if he or she says: wait for me to call my ex-boyfriend or girlfriend so that I could ask him or her the number of times he or she had had sex before he or she finally met and got married to you!. Will you kill yourself or what? I strongly believe that you will from that spot have terrible shock, which may end up causing damage to your marital peace and joy. Past is past! Never remember past or bother about it again because this may cause serious injury to your mind and marriage.
  5. Have you ever slept with another man or woman since I married you? What a useless question! What do you expect him or her to say? Do you expect him or her to say a no to a yes to your answer or what? If yes, then you will get the answer in a frustrating manner that you don’t even expect; but please, at this juncture, what I will like you do is to please don’t press further. Why? The reason being because you may —definitely—get  shock of your life—therefore, it’s better you stop there and don’t press further to avoid stroke. Once again, stop don’t bother to ask, you don’t need the answer. If you need the answer, then expect brutal repercussion that will cause regret of your life. Don’t press on him or her because of this unhealthy, marriage-damaging question.
  6. At what age did you start having sex?— hey! Why do you want to know this? What a damage question is this! Why do you want to ask? What will you do with that information? You don’t need it, so don’t ask. If she or he tells you, you may go into a coma. So let her or him safe! Asking a question like this,  to me, is like inviting Devil to your marriage to come have his way and will done in it. Why? Where many healthy and very useful questions, this is the only question you prefer asking your partner in marriage after years in marriage. You don’t need this! For whatever reason it might be, if you want to honour your marriage and your partner, don’t ever dare ask him or her this question. Even if it’s because you feel your partner is very in bed, don’t ask him or her this. But be happy that he or she is good in bed.
  7. Can you fall for another man or woman if I happened to fail you one way or the other?—do you want or plan to fail her or him? If no, then why this question? Or are you thinking or doubting her love for you or what? Because I don’t know why one should be asking his or her partner this kind of question without any reason. Okay,  why should you think of failing him or her if not that something has been going on secretly outside your marriage over which your conscience is fighting against you? If this is not the case, then you shouldn’t ask your partner this question. It’s better to put and to it for the sake of your marriage.


Therefore, I urge you married couples that you should please endeavor to seriously work on the facts discussed here in this post, as there is nothing can easily and swiftly destroy your marriage relationship like asking such unhealthy, reckless and useless questions in marriage. Therefore, never ask your spouse the questions that have that strong capacity and tendency, in just a minute, damage your marriage and home without beyond capacity.
Also, the youths (I mean the unmarried, singles) who are aspiring to have a good long-life marriage relationship in happiness and good understanding must learn from this, so when they eventually become a wife or husband—which is sure to happen—you will not venture into a journey that will injure you and your marriage.