#oral sex, sucking of private parts

This post discusses three major reasons why some married men, most of those who are God-fearing married men found in two globally accepted and well-known practised religions in our world today, love to suck their wife’s private parts and also ask their wife to suck theirs in turn.

Scripture: John 10: 10
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. 

The verse quoted above shows three fold mission of Devil over your marriage, home and relationship. Therefore, you should be very wise and careful: he, Devil, comes to steal your joy and happiness in marriage and home, even that relationship.  After stealing, he kills the joy and happiness; and after killing, he utterly and quickly destroys everything, if care is not taken.

Oral sex
It’s against nature

Are You Surprised About This Post’s Title? 

Are you surprised about this post’s title? I know you will be surprised, most especially if you are not a Christian believer. Perhaps you are thinking and wondering if it could be so true that there are some so-called Christians’ husbands (Christian married men) who do ask their wife to be sucking their private parts whenever they are ready to make love to her, that’s, whenever they intend to have sexual intercourse with the wife God gave to them, but there’s nothing bad in wondering or thinking about this; you must know that there’s nothing new under the sky; many things are happening under the sky today. This is a life witness issue, and it’s not just a kind of fictitious post crafted to just generate traffic or whatever. The fact here is that this is commonly/secretly-happening-event among couples in both two well-known religions practised all over the world.


One Christian Woman Reported Her Husband’s Strange Attitude To Her Pastor

This very recent, one of my friends who is a pastor revealed this sensitive family matter to me about how one woman, one of his ardent Church members, the wife of a man who is an elder in their Church, who is known to be very strong in faith, came to report her husband to him in the church’s premises. These are what the woman said:

Good evening sir, pastor, I am in a serious trouble now! Please help me. Help me speak to your God to intervene in my home…yes, over my marriage issues and my husband. My home and marriage are on strange fire! Satan has entered into my home to have his will done over it! Crying and sobbing, the woman continued her words and said: God! I don’t even know how to explain myself…I mean my situation to you, pastor, because of the way I am feeling now. I feel like killing myself or running away to a far place, pastor. I don’t know how and where to start my issue before you because I am very ashamed and disappointed of myself. I hate finding myself in this messy situation! Pastor asked: madam please speak. Please, don’t get me confused by putting me in darkness! What happened to you? Please what happened to your home? There’s no problem God can’t solve! Whatever may be your problem, God can solve it! Just believe in God! The woman, with tears coming down from her eyes in deep sorrow of mind, said: sir, it’s my husband! Pastor asked again: what happened to your husband, madam? She said: as my husband came home from his workplace on yesterday night, at about 9 o’clock, I have been noticing him as he has recently started coming home so late this days, but with maturity and faith in God, I tried to overlook it and put everything in prayer. But that day night, something very strange happened: my husband had already told me immediately he came home from work that I should get prepared for the night of that day that he was going to make love with me in a very different manner. I asked so jokingly, how? He said he is going to totally use a different method that he has never used in making love with me since we were married. I though it was a joke. I was surprised because that statement set me thinking all through that very night till the very time we both were together in bed to make love together as husband and wife. As we were both in the move to make love together, all I noticed was that my husband was trying to move his mouth and tongue down my body to my private parts, trying to suck it. After he had tried to suck my private parts, allowing him to do this all because he is my husband and because the Bible say his body is mine and my body is his. As he continued in his struggling to do this with me (though it disgusted me, but what would I do, for I think he is my husband and I have to follow the Scripture, she added). He then proceeded to bend my head a little low down to his private parts in attempt to make me suck it, and this move disgusted me so much that I couldn’t take it with him anymore. I said, for me to do all because of sexual enjoyment, I would rather die. As he was trying to do all that, I was so furious and tried to stop him from continuing this with me because I have never experienced that with him in my marriage since we have been married together as husband and wife. And as I refused to allow him do this with me, he furiously broke out with me and decided to have me pack all my belongings in decision to get me divorced because of my refusal to his monstrous sexual demand”. What should I do about this, pastor?”. Please help me. 

The Husband’s Side Of The Story

The woman had finished her report to her pastor. Now pastor had heard the wife’s side of the whole story as an innocent party, but what about the husband? What do you think the husband has to say in his own side of the whole shameful story? I don’t want to say anything for now, but, at first, what I would say to you madam is to take it easy and be prayerful over this matter because it’s Satan already at work!, pastor said. Of course, nobody must tell you this before you yourself know, pastor spoke a bit further. Pastor had now concluded that he has to see the husband himself, so as to have one or two words with him over the issue: “I will like to ask your husband some questions to see and know what’s is happening to him“, pastor said to the wife. Husband was called by the pastor. And pastor had asked him questions, but you have to hear what he said hereunder:

Pastor, please I know I wronged my wife, but please I want you to help me out! From the start of our marriage, I do not do something like, but until one day that I found myself in presumptuous sin, and I fell completely: I by mistake slept with a lady in my place of work, and it was the lady who exposed me this sexual immortality. And since then, I have been forcing my wife to do the same for me because i don’t want to go back to the lady again. Please help me, pastor, for I don’t know what to do”. 

The Three Reasons Discussed

Let’s quickly list and explain the three major reasons this could be happening between a God-fearing couple, or in another words, that could cause any religious God-fearing married man ask his wife to be sucking his private part whenever they both engage in sexual intercourse only on the basis of sexual enjoyment under here:

  1. Extramarital sex—if this is happening among religious married partners who are known to be Godly and God-fearing and zealous in their religion belief and service before their God (; that’s, among those partners who have been born again, as so-called by Christian believers, and are even publicly known for their pious service before God and men), most especially among the partners that come from the two globally known and well-embraced religions, Christianity and Islamic, then you must know that this is not ordinary anymore!; you must know that it’s the spirit of fornication/adultery already at work between them. Therefore, if a Godly married man who is known to be a real believer, who fears God, asks his God-fearing wife to be sucking his private parts on the ground of sexual enjoyment, then it’s perhaps he has involved himself in sinful act of extramarital sex, the act which has great tendency and capacity to expose and cause him to—to some immoral sexual intercourse—be demanding this from his wife.
  2. Attack from Satan—this act could be as result of attack from Devil attack against the partners if he wants to destroy marriage. How?  It’s because we have seen many instances where this had happened in some time past among couples that the cause was revealed thorough prayers. Satan can use anything at his disposal, anything found available to use to destroy marriage, most especially the marriage of the Christian believers. Satan has his ways, tactics of dealing with and waging war against Christian marriage in order for his damned aim to be achieved over it.
  3. Demon of lust—this is another common source of this problem in marriage. Demons are everywhere working for their master, Satan, from the beginning of the world up till today without rest. They are agents of hell working in behalf of their hellish master, Mr Devil, purposely to take joy and happiness away from any marriage they are allowed to enter into by couples’ carelessness and ignorance. Their main work is to get any couples possessed in order to carry out their destructive, evil activity over their marriage. So, when a man, a child of the living God, suddenly starts to misbehave to ask his wife to be sucking his private parts only to achieve higher sexual pleasure or reach a higher orgasm, then you must know that the demon of lust is very much around to destroy them and their marriage.

What Should You Do If This Is Happening In Your Marriage?

This question is directed to if you are a woman reading this post! As a woman, what should you do if you are having this challenge in your marriage from your partner? The short, direct and brief answer to this is: go for counseling and pray. Yes, you have to pray! No counseling or any human ideas can work without prayer. If a foundation be destroyed, what will a righteous do?  A righteous has to pray. Therefore, you have to pray that God should have his way I your marriage and take control of your husband’s life as well. As there’s no problem is above God, then pray to him concerning your marriage in faith, and something will definitely happen. If you don’t know how to pray in this situation, then your marriage is in complete danger! Learn to pray, so that your marriage will stay.


A little sin is a little sorrow! Extramarital sex, sexual lust and Satan can cause destruction to marriage—all these are marriage enemies, so couples are seriously advised and as well warned never to be ignorant of the wiles of the Devil and his cohorts over their marriage because Satan is roaring like a lion to devour any marriage, most especially, the Christian marriages.