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3 Ways Woman Can Make Her Husband Engage In House Chores

Home Chores: there is no Limit to man's duty in the home; his duty is not limited to financial provision only. He can still help in some other things in the home if there's understanding and love!


Understanding 16 Basic Factors For Building A Real, Strong Happy Home

A happy home is a refuge, a safety place from storm for those who dwell in it; it's a home where you should really be—your shelter in the storm. "Home [a happy home] is a shelter from storms—all sorts of storms"—William J. Bennett. This is a place in the world where you and I know there is peace, comfort, love, acceptance… all those good things—that generates happiness in the life of man—that people strive for in their families.

4 Ruinous Ideas Today’s Women Should Avoid Over Their Home

It is good to work and be a hard-working fellow. But hear this important and salient biblical truth, Parenting is a sacrificial work, give it all it takes, any work that will take away your attention too much from your home - #Avoid it and be careful!

4 Reasons Man Should Do Home Chores

In this post, I am talking here about home chores, homework or home activities like washing of clothes, cooking, clearing clutter, cleaning and so on, as a mutual marriage responsibility which must be mutually handled by both husband and wife... Continue Reading →

5 Rarely Discussed Funny Things That Attract Man To Woman In The Home

Why should you be no more admirable and desirable before your God-given husband? Why should your husband forget the first love—and every other things—and follow a strange woman, a gold-digger, who doesn't know when you and your husband began, just because you lack some knowledge about how to get him handled, treated and hooked and even wrapped with your hand by some things (some funny things as said earlier in the first paragraph) that some women don't even count or think could be of great help in getting the whole attention of their husbands in the home?

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