Intentionally, I am crafting this post for those women who have little or no knowledge as to how to get their husbands hooked in a responsible manner with uncommon ideas I see that work, which most people don’t frequently talk about in the issue of home/marriage. The points discussed here are very funny though, but, unh, very important and useful in the home for woman. And, the fact here is that this post is basically based on my own personal experiences and my eye witnesses. It’s always a sad thing to me anytime I see a woman suffering as a result of her ignorance on how to handle and treat her husband the way he will always seek and thirst for her presence in the home as an indispensable companion and the bone of his bones every day, as Adam called woman in the Scripture.

What man needs from man in the home
Good woman always knows what her husband is mostly attracted to and makes sure she works on it by making it available to him always .

Why The Fragrance Of Love Has Quickly Faded Away?

This is where some of today’s women have been making a great mistake as many of them are fond of giving complaint that the burden of home chores is too much for them, and as a result, leaving every corner of the home untidied till their husband comes back home from work and see his house in the same state he left it before leaving for work in the morning—this is called laziness and foolishness. And, the fact here that all women should know is that almost 85 percent of men like a neat woman who can neatly manage their home for them. This is why these women become no more admirable and desirable to their husband in the home anymore—because the fragrance of love have faded away due to their inability to understand their husbands’ needs in this area!!!

Recent Study 

StudEight things discussed in this post is every man needs in the home and is the first and basic responsibility /duty of every man in the home. To get your husband hooked and fill his attention all the time, you must know that there are some women who after just one or two children quickly and suddenly turn to another thing and become another woman entirely (they quickly become old and look shabby) in the home as a result of ignorance about knowing and studying what makes a man (wants more of woman in his life) always wants woman’s presence arround him in the home. I noticed that some women do quickly forget (after they become married to their husband) how their husbands were attracted to them in the beginning (they fail to remember the driving force behind this attraction), which is the only by that sweet fragrance of that glorious beauty of neatness seen in them when they were first met: these women have forgotten that they were only able to become attractive to their husband only by: 1. that undeniable neat appearance that is completely void of shabbiness, 2. that perfectly beautiful eyes, 3. that smart dress in that white fitted apparel (nice outfit), 4. that smart costly shoe and that neat, tidied environment, or rather I say, apartment. These types of women, after they get married, the way they dress will change, their attitude and their neatness mode will change, the way they used to prepare that hot flavoured, tasty soup that their husband always like to eat (in the beginning, anytime they were visited to have night spent with by their husband) will change, the way they were (their appearance, look) when first met with their husband will change, everything, almost everything about them will no more be desirable because of the way they handle, treat and take care of themselves and their husband, just because they have become married and have had children. They will now be telling and forcing their husband to get a housemaid for them at all cost. Listen, no man likes and wants woman to become like this in his home, almost 85 percent of men, as said earlier,  don’t like woman to be in this type of state in the home. Men prefer (though not all men, but almost 55 percent of the 85 of them) making decision to look for alternative (that’s, another woman, who could really be meeting their needs and desires as a man in the home if there is no change at all.

Woman, Why Are You No More Admirable And Desirable To Your Husband?

Why should you be no more admirable and desirable before your God-given husband? Why should your husband forget the first love—and every other things—and follow a strange woman, a gold-digger, who doesn’t know when you and your husband began, just because you lack some knowledge about how to get him handled, treated and hooked and even wrapped with your hand by some things (some funny things as said earlier in the first paragraph) that some women don’t even count or think could be of great help in getting the whole attention of their husbands in the home? The main reason this happens is because you don’t know that once some men feel/notice that the beauty’s scent/fragrance smelled and the flavor tasted by them in you in the beginning is no more there, they will definitely have their mind and attitude completely changed toward you because this is the ground upon which their love for you is based from the beginning, and this is what drives it since then. Once again, I repeat—so that you could understand what I am saying here clearly—that this happens just because those things he saw; that’s, the way you used to dress neatly, to prepare those tasty food, that glorious beauty, e.t.c., (because you have not had any children and been emburdened with home chores), which made him felt forced to be connected and forcefully attracted to you to the extent of kneeling down before you the first day you both met just for the sake of asking for your love and giving you that loving ring in order for you to always be by the side of him and to be the mother of his children for life have faded away all because of sudden unwanted and undesired changes he sees in you after you have now been completely married to him. These are the things some women don’t even count or worry about and over which they don’t even care to have a change.

The 5 Things Explained

Some of the five things may appear so funny to you, but they are reality and fact you must know. They are listed under here and explained one after the other:

  1. love—Love, the number one vital factor upon which all other factors that make marriage a success anchored, is the first thing every man needs from woman in the home. Every responsible woman who want to be successful in marriage must understand this that when there is pure, undiluted and unfeigned love emanating from her to her husband, then there will automatically be room for peace, progress and success for them; and they will enjoy unbeatable marital joy, success and peace. It’s always said that, “the secret of success behind every man in the home is the women beside him”, but l say this statement can only become a reality when rhe woman love her husband and vice versa.
  2. Sex—Every man also needs this from woman in the home. Haven’t you heard that sex consummate marriage? Sex between married couples is very important and plays a powerful role in their marriage. As it can build marriage, so it can really destroy it. I have seen some couples separated just because of this particular issue where husband complaint that his wife is not good in bed, and because of this he had to resolve this in looking out to find another sexy woman who could satisfy him sexually. Woman, do you always complain that you don’t have strong sexual appetite? The fact here is that you must have sexual appetite if you want to strengthen your marriage and get your husband hooked, and if you want to keep him away from sharing your right with other party outside. Mind you, l am not saying you should abuse sex here and turn yourself to a harlot, but you must know that sex is one of the major reasons marriage is created, and all men are attracted to it. Don’t be too busy for your husband about this, so that you won’t be found guilty over this! Woman, don’t become busy and become guilty! You’ve got to understand.
  3. Dressing—This is where the issue is. So funny, unh? Yes, it should be funny, but it’s a serious, rarely discussed truth in the issue marriage/home. I have witnessed an occasion where husband had refused to take his wife along with him to an occasion, why? This is because his wife didn’t know how to dress smartly; she refused her just because she didn’t have dressing exposure! Woman, you must understand that in men’s world, men are studied and discovered to be attracted to only one major thing: they (all men) are attracted only to what they see than to what they hear while women are attracted only to what they hear than to what they see! Can you see what I am saying here now? Study has even shown that men are even more attracted to women in nice, gorgeous outfit than any other thing.  Therefore, as  a woman who dosen’t want strange women snatch her dear husband, you must learn and know how to dress (you must have dressing exposure; you must know how to package yourself always, regardless having children; you must be able to know how to dress as if you have not married to attract your husband’s attention every day). This is what this strange women do: they give themselves nice dressing package, even though they are already married and have had one or two children, but because of the of the centrifugal force of dressing, man can’t stop having their gaze at them for a second. Woman, don’t be a fool! Who tell you that your husband is not looking at you, or he doesn’t even mind those women in nice dress? It’s a total lie! You must know this that your husband watches you more than anybody/anything in the world, and he is 100 percent fascinated and attracted to the way you dress and package yourself more than anything else. Therefore, woman, I advice that you should give yourself full packaging, you should learn how to dress to look smart to let your husband know that you are still in town fully. I am not saying you should dress in manner that your body would be exposed to the world to see, but in a responsible manner. Dress responsibly every day before your husband to catch his attention.
  4. Good cooking—A cooking-handed, perfectly and professionally skillful-cooking-woman, who knows the right taste of her husband, his best food in the home, who knows how to prepare tasty and delicious food for a man in the home will always be the owner of her husband; she will always be in the center of his mind”—and none can claim him from her, this is what my father always says to my mum”, said by one of my friends to me one day. Don’t say no or lie to this because l have witnessed many cases, many homes have become splitted just because the wife is not good at cooking. If you don’t know how to cook, please go for training from professional caterer or your friends who are good at cooking, as l have seen and come across some men who prefer eating outside to eating the food prepared in the home, who have easily fallen into snare of harlot, an adulterous woman who stole their heart away from their wifes.
  5. Neatness/tidiness/cleanness—All men wants, desires, needs 100% tidiness, neatness and cleanness from woman in the home. You may not accept this, but it’s a fact you may not be able to hear at any other place. l have said earlier in the second paragraph that this is one of the first reasons the fragrance of first love has faded away in some home today. Neatness is a paramount duty of every woman in the home, and every man needs this from woman. But, It’s disappointing that there are some women who because they have become married and have had, maybe, one or two children they have quickly become outdated and shabby in look (they have become very old because of dirtiness and uncleanness and laziness), always capitalizing on cumbersome home chores before their husband. This must not be so. Woman, even if you have seven children, this must not be a barrier to your neatness in the home.


All said and done, as a wise and clever woman who have good wife materials, you must know what your husband needs to capture his whole attention in the home because getting him hooked by filling his whole attention in the home is very much important, as there are so many women who are adulterously desperate out there, and who have all that it costs and takes to get any man that comes their way attracted to them with everything they have in their reach/power; and they are ready to snatch your husband if care is not taken. These type of women are exposed to fashion, trendy clothes. They know new clothes in town. They know what type of cloth to wear to bring men into their net. They have hot packages. Though they are married and have had children, but they are perfectly good in this area. Therefore, you must wake up!