Home chores
Unless a man sees home chores as a normal thing to do and as one of the best ways to manage a woman in the home, he will never understand how invaluable the woman (his wife) in his life is, in the home; and the importance of having the woman beside him and the real importance of marriage will never be realized by him

In this post, I am talking here about home chores, homework or home activities like washing of clothes, cooking, clearing clutter, cleaning and so on, as a mutual marriage responsibility which must be mutually handled by both husband and wife in the home, the responsibility that shouldn’t be seen as solely woman’s duty in the home by any man. This must always be discussed because it is one of the best ways to build a  lasting, healthy and happy marriage relationship between husband and wife. Therefore, please read this if you are a man and deeply digest the reasons about to be discussed here. Also, if you happen to be a woman reading this too, make sure you share it with your husband because he really needs it.

The Core Of The Matter

Rare and uncommon fact which is the core of the matter here is that every responsible man will see this post and will never snub it of because he will understand that it is mainly crafted for the wise men who really count doing home chores as one of the great ways a responsible man can really help woman and wisely manage her in the home.  Listen here, “If your wife grows old quickly, you should find out why, perhaps you have mismanaged her because this is one of the result of leaving the whole homework to a woman in the home”.  This is what the recent study done over this matter revealed! Are you surprised over this statement? Don’t mind me for saying this, but it’s a rare fact you can’t see or hear anywhere, neither online nor offline because I do the research myself and found out this reality about this! If you will understand this post well, don’t ever doubt the facts revealed in this post, perhaps because you have never come across such facts in your life anywhere on the internet or off the internet.

Okay imagine this:

It’s your wife who will wash yours and children’s cloths; she is the one who will have them take their bath before going to school early in the morning; and after that, she is the same person who will take them to school; she is the same person who will provide water for the whole house to use; she is the same person who will clean the whole house and cook the food the whole house will eat. She is the person who does everything! And after all, you show no sign of appreciation to this woman. Hey! This way, you are mismanaging and misusing your wife ignorantly! Know this well that there is a great tendency for her to grow old early more than her normal age because of overwork. No man should think that his own duty in the home over your family is only to make financial provision possible, and nothing more!  No! Happy home is not managed this manner! You have to understand! Or, do you want to cut short the life of your wife? I think not so. You have to learn from the wise please!  

Take note of this:

Home chores: cooking, washing, cleaning, clearing clutter—all these are what everyone in he house can and should be doing; they are not solely meant for only the woman

If any man wants his wife to be looking more younger and younger everyday, he should try to understand how to manage her in the home, and the best way to do this is join hand in helping her to do those burdensome home chores. I mean some little, little works in the home. Men, don’t mismanage your God’s giving wife. Mismanagement of woman in the home is one of the reasons woman quickly grows old early more than their age when they overworks themselves. 

Unless a man sees home chores as a normal thing to do by everyone—including himself—in the home,  and understand it as one of the best ways to wisely manage a woman in the home, he will never understand the real importance of the woman in his life and the real importance of marriage it. You can quote me wrong over this, but it’s a pure rare, uncommon fact!

Okay, Should Home Chores Ever Be Controversial?

For this to be controversial, I think this is capital NO!  Why should this be controversial when it’s understood that marriage is for mutual help. Controversy about this is what I see as a complete sign of ignorance; it is a lack of marital wisdom, which must not be allowed at all.

This question gives me an urge of clearing the doubt that some men have about this long-time, mind-boggling, controversial question: “should man join hands with woman in the home to do home chores, or is it a kind of foolishness on the part of man to be doing this in the home?“. I see this question as one which arises as a result of ignorance about what we call marriage“. Some people, most especially 75 percent of men I have been coming across, those whom I have interviewed regarding this particular matter, completely disagreed with this idea of doing home chores, saying it’s a foolishness for man to do home chores like helping her wash cloths, fetch water, and press cloths, etc. They now concluded that this is basically women’s sole duty in the home while the remaining 25 percent of them agreed to the notion that there is nothing bad and wrong in that man do home chores, so far that this is done just to help one’s own wife to ease her the heavy burden of home chores. Therefore, in a nutshell, and as said earlier, this shouldn’t be controversial at all. Ignorance is a mother of controversy—it breeds it. When somebody is ignorant about a particular matter, controversy is bound to occur over the matter. So, the bane of those men’s arguments over this matter is: ignorance!

Should Men Really Do Home Chores; Is It Truly Out Of Their Duty’s Boundary In The Home?

For any man to say no to this statements: “should men do home chores?”, andyesto this one too, “is it out of men’s duty?” depends on his understanding about what marriage means and involves to make two persons become one for life. Any man who says “no” to the first statement and ‘yes‘ to the second, lacks what I call wisdom about marriage and home (sorry to say). It’s confirmed that, to some men, home chores is improper while some men see it as part of being caring, responsible and showing of true love to woman, and best way to creating a real happy home. To be factual here, there is nothing bad for man to help his woman to do home chores because this is one of the best ways man can show his love and his sense of responsibility to his wife in the home; it’s one of the ways a man can show that bone of his bones and flesh of flesh is not a slave under his roof.

Conclusively and factually, it’s a surprise that I could also see some men saying “home chores” is out of men’s duty’s boundary in the home. Take a look at this statement: “l think not so because it’s out of man’s duty’s boundary…so far I am able to meet my family’s needs financially, what else do you want me to do“, this is someone’s reply as he was asked by a presenter “if it is proper for man to help woman do home chores“. But personally, l think this person (probably, he is not a Christian because if he were one, he would understand what the word marriage really involves) has forgotten that marriage is for mutual relationship/help/benefits, and not only for meeting the home needs financially, but it’s also for helping and joining hands with the woman in the home to do some home chores. Therefore, It’s ignorance for any man to think doing home chores is out his duty’s boundary in the home: The fact here is that there is no limit or boundary to husband and wife’s duty in the home if there is true and pure unfeigned love and understanding between them. This is one of the best ways of building a healthy marriage relationship.

4 Major Reason For Men To Do Home Chores

There are only four major real reason I see for men to do home chores, and this are basically listed and explained under here one after the other:

  1. Mutual help—Every man should know and understand that the number one major reason for which marriage is created is mutual help between husband and wife. And,  true companionship can only come from true help between husband and wife in the home. Every responsible husband will know and understand that helping a woman do some cumbersome home chores—when there is space to do it—is the best way to manage woman in the home. But, when a man says that woman should do everything when he can, at least, help her do some things in the home, this shows lack of understanding about how to wisely manage woman in the home and what the word help is in marriage—marriage is for mutual help between man and woman.
  2. Wise management of woman—As a man, doing this (home chores) is one of the best ways a man can show wise management of woman in the home, which means to wisely manage a woman in the home, man should learn how to help in doing home chores; he should cultivate the habit of doing this if he really wish his wife a good health and to be looking more younger everyday.
  3. Prevention from growing old early—Man’s understanding to be doing home chores is one of the best ways to manage a woman in the home and to prevent her from growing old so early. This is according to my research,  but not according to any man’s research that for a woman to be solely doing those heavy home chores could definitely make her to grow old so early: she is the only one who would take care of the children, cook food for the family, clean the house, wash clothes, dry cloth, go to the market, e.t.c. No, it shouldn’t be like this in marriage! Therefore, I say again that “helping a woman to do home chores is a great way to prevent her from growing old so early”; and it’s one of the best way to show her how invaluable and important she is in the home. Leaving all the home work to woman is a show of woman mismanagement,  and it’s detrimental to her health and growth.
  4. Happy home and happy marriage relationship—It’s discovered that man joining hand with woman in the home in helping her do some home chores is a perfect way to creating/building a strong, solid and fantastic home full of happiness and pure perfect joy within the family circl, as it produces a kind of deep feeling of great joy in woman in the home. It also leads to strong, happy and warm marriage relationship

Therefore, for any man to be saying that “for a man to do home chores is out of his duty’s boundary, it’s out of duty’s limit in the home” is unwise and uncalled for; it’s a statement of ignorance. This is called woman mismanagement in the home. You should understand that your wife is not a slave! At least, you can help her do some things in the home to relief her of the cumbersome and burdensome homeworks. No, I am not saying that man should do every sort of home chores, but there are some kind of works man can do to help woman in the home just to relief her of those cumbersome home chores!

If you want your wife to be looking younger and younger everyday, try to understand how to manage her in the home.