This post discusses the five kinds of ladies you, as a young man with bright, speaking future, must not dare get married to in your life to avoid regret in marriage. It also defines the literal meaning of choice-making and whether it’s wrong to fall in love with every lady that comes your way.

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Young, be wary to make choice!


  1. Note: discipline, wisdom, knowledge and understanding are the master keys in marriage between husband and wife. When these things are found lacked between them in marriage, the marriage relationship will definitely be in danger, and the home will suffer from negative outside influences! Take it or leave it. This is a real fact.
  2. Note: if you are a lady, this post doesn’t suggest in any sense, form or manner that you, as a lady, shouldn’t carry your parents along when you are planning to choose a life partner, but it simply says that there are a kind of ladies a young man shouldn’t dare to marry, those who could definitely give them problem in marriage. And also, it doesn’t say that you, as a lady, shouldn’t listen or disrespect or disregard your parents in any form or sense or matter relating to your marriage because you want prove maturity, but it instead says that you should at least know that not every issue your parents must involve in, in your marital issues. 

Are you matured enough to get married? Or, Is it better I say, ‘are you ready to get married”. Do you think that now is the real time for you to get married? Are you now very eager to find a lady that you think you could have the whole rest of your life fully shared with and from there start to enjoy the happiness of marriage? Or, do you just think of getting married just because all your mates have gotten married? No, don’t be silly getting married for this particular reason; for the appointed time God has set for each and everyone of us to do this is not equal!  Alright! If your response is yes, then this is good, and it’s one of the best decisions you and I can truly make in life! But you have to know that the journey to marriage is not as easy as you think—you have to know and understand this very fact that marriage can’t be a success in just thinking you are mature or very wise for it, or because all your friends have gotten married. No, you must know some basic facts about it. Remember, ”not how far but how well”, they say.  If you are a bit late to get married but have success in it, I think this is much better than rushing into it and fail. The Journey into marriage is once in a lifetime long journey that needs some basic prior experiences and knowledge before it’s embarked upon. At times, it may be full of excitement or sadness based on your the way you embark upon it.

What Is Choice-making?

As you have to know this that it’s very important to have deep understanding of what choice-making literally means, so as to know what it involves, the process, to succeed at this stage. Therefore, Let’s quickly define what it really means below here for in-depth understanding:

  • Choice-making is a stage at which a maritally matured young man or woman is ripe enough and ready to find and choose a right life partner for himself or herself for marriage, which involves taking some necessary steps like prayer, counseling from professional marriage counselor for marital guidance and advice, looking into the word of God for spiritual directions, and finally, dating or courting to get acquainted with the would-be partner in order to know his or her compatibility for marriage.

Should You Ever Fall In Love With Every Lady That Comes Your Way?

“Should you fall in love with every lady that comes your way?” ?Should you have the checklist of many ladies before making your choice?” Or, should you have the checklist of the ladies you are going to marry before you start the process of choice-making? The answer to this question is quite simple and very short. To avoid confusion, this is capital NO! Why this question? It’s because I have seen many young men who have no boundary dating any woman that comes their way in he concept or hope that perhaps they would possibly find the right life partners dating quite a number of ladies: they are not disciplined in their dealing with woman. I say this is a complete error that can definitely lead to serious regret in life! These type of young men always want to date any woman they find at their reach, and as result of this, they eventually find themselves in unwanted situation at the end of their promiscuous attitude towards women. And they, thus, fall into the hand of wrong woman, a destiny destroyer, the enemy of their destiny who doesn’t have the same vision they have. There are many ladies around you—very many because you possess a kind of specialty in you. Yes, I know this. There are many of them who are looking for handsome good looking young man with special quality to choose as their life partner, but you must open your eyes wide before you make your choice! Why? Perhaps you feel much pressure on you from these ladies because they are coming around you; they always feel happy to be with or pair off with you, and they too are looking good and special to you, showing a sign of interest in you, even you yourself know this. You know what’s going on around you, but you are in so much doubt—so confused—as to whom among them to choose as a life partner? Listen, you must be confused because choice-making is not an easy task!—It takes some sort of steadiness, patience and wisdom to succeed at this particular point. Therefore, if you are under pressure of women, or you feel a kind of pressure in your heart to get married, I highly advise that you steady yourself, open your eyes wide, be patient, and be wise, because once you make a mistake taking a wrong step at this point by making the wrong choice, then your life is in great danger. Why? Because whom you choose as your life partner—the choice you make—greatly determines your marital success! In fact, as I must tell you this, marriage success begins from the point and the day you make the right choice in life. Your decision here is what shows whether your marriage will be successful or not. Wrong choice leads to wrong marriage while wrong marriage destroys destiny; and meanwhile right choice leads to right marriage and sure marital happiness and success; while right marriage leads to destiny restructure.

Why Should You Marry On The Ground Of Beauty?

Though there are so many beautiful ladies around you, but not every lady are good to choose as your life partner. Though they may have good looking appearance, and they may be social, educated, understanding and loving by everybody, but they may not posses the real—wife quality materials. Inside they may not have what it takes a woman to be a real good woman to man in the home. Therefore, young gentleman, this will highly be disappointment if you fall into the hand of a lady like this. They may not be worthy of marriage. They may not possess marriage materials. Beauty is a deception. Beauty is just an outward appearance which has nothing to do with marriage success. ”Beauty is nothing, but character is needed”, they say.  If a woman is beautiful without character (quality wife material), she is nothing, but if a woman is beautiful and has character, she is worth traveling a thousand mile to find and to make one’s wife. If you marry on the ground of beauty, then you are bound to regret and suffer for the whole rest of your life. Personally, if a woman is beautiful but lacks character, if she is offered for $1.50, I won’t marry her. But if a woman is beautiful and as well has character, if she is given for $1000 000, I will go 1 million miles to have her, at whatever cost, to make her a wife.  Warning: be wise!

Five Kinds Of Ladies You Should Not Dare To Marry

As said earlier, from study, I have discovered for you five major kinds of ladies you should never dare to get married to in your life if you want to have peace and to live a perfect happy life—a highly fruitful and meaningful life. Therefore, listed under here are the major five kinds of ladies fully explained one after the other:

  1. A lady who can’t decide without her parents—you would be surprised that I mentioned this point. Yes, it’s true that there are some ladies who can’t do without their parents, even after they are married, most especially their mother. Little is that of father in this. These group of ladies can’t do anything alone, in their own sense; they can’t make decision in themselves. If anything should happen between this type of ladies and their husband in her marriage, they will quickly run to their parents and narrate everything that happened between them and their husband to them from the beginning to the end. A lady like this, her mother or father is her God.
  2. A lady who can’t decide without her friends—if you have a lady who can’t personally decide without her friends or third party rather (a lady who exposes everything about herself to her friends without discipline before making a decision in life, somebody who doesn’t have secret at all, a lousy, garrulously undisciplined lady), you can never enjoy such a lady like this in marriage! Why? It’s because it’s very easy for a lady like this to ignorantly destroy her marriage by exposing her marriage affairs to outsiders, most especially her friends who look like real friends to her, but those who are real enemy to her destiny and joy in life, thereby allowing negative outside influences to take control over her marriage.
  3. A lady with different vision from yours—if you ever dare marry a lady whose vision is entirely different from yours, then you personally spell doom for yourself and your marriage destiny! Answer me this question: how do you think that if you dared marry a lady whose entire vision, focus, ambition and aspiration in life is hundred percent different from your own, there would be success in your marriage? I think not so! Why? It’s because from mine own personal practical experience about marriage, any marriage that will have a successful end will and must involve the marriage partners, from the beginning, to have one hope, focus, ambition and aspiration in their journey to marriage. So, marrying to a lady like this won’t do you any good in life.
  4. A lady whom you feel for, but who doesn’t feel for you—there should be mutual feelings in partners who are planning to get married to each other to become one as husband and wife in life. When you see or notice that the lady you think to be your life partner has no trait of feeling for you, you must quite understand that this type of lady is not right for you in marriage. You should therefore stop the journey before the journey stop you. If you are planning to marry a lady, but she’s giving you one or two reasons to have a feeling doubt, please call it quit before it’s too late.
  5. And finally, don’t marry mummy’s girl—are you surprised I said “mummy’s girl”? Yes, you may not understand that there are mummy’s girls in the town right now! Okay, I know you are wondering who could mummy’s girl be. Who is mummy’s girl? Mummy’s girl is a lady, though she’s matured, but still she’s under her mother’s/mama’s control. Everything she does, it’s her mama’s handwork. She can’t do anything without her mama. It’s her mama who would decide what to do in marriage. It’s her mama who would tell her what to say if there’s a matter to be discussed between her and her husband. Everything she does is influenced by her mama. Before she takes a step, her mama must know. Before she go in or come out, her mama must know. Before she has sex with husband, her mama must know. Before she travels, her mama must know. If there’s any issues between her and her husband, it’s her mama who would settle it. Whatever the mama says is the final, regardless she’s married. Even her menstruation time, her mama must know. Ugh, hey, lalaah, this is serious! If you, as a man, fall into the hand of a lady like this, you would regret it because not the lady you got married but her mama/mother. Men be careful!


Young man, you don’t just enter into marriage with any lady you see, but you try to watch, study, examine and observe, most especially during courtship because this is the best time you can find out some things about your partner in order to see if you both are maritally compatible. So, all those five things listed above are a reality I know you must know before ever choosing a lady as your life partner in life.