Virginity is God’s irreplaceable gift; it’s not a sin but an honor to womanhood!

This post discusses the meaning of virginity, how it’s considered in old days and today, and whether it’s wrong or right for a young lady to be a virgin.

Note: In the next post about virginity we are going to discuss three major reasons for a young lady to be a virgin and explain in detail what it means for to be a virgin.

This post is as result of a TV program I watched, in which the issue of virginity had been discussed, where controversy had suddenly come up over whether virginity is wrong or right. Some of the people to whom this question was thrown said affirmatively that there’s nothing wrong in that a woman is a virgin. They explained why virginity is very important while some other people who engaged in this discussion partially agreed with them, but they also said that it’s unfortunate this is not something deemed so important anymore among people today, most especially among today’s young ladies.

Before proceeding look at the Bible verses quoted below:

For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality; that each one of you know how to control his own body in holiness and honor, not in the passion of lust like the Gentiles who do not know God; that no one transgress and wrong his brother in this matter, because the Lord is an avenger in all these things, as we told you beforehand and solemnly warned you. For God has not called us for impurity, but in holiness.… (1 Thessalonians 4: 3-8)

The question here is, if truly virginity is no more considered something important, what’s the cause? You and I have to know!

But before that:

What Is Virginity?

  1. Virginity is an unsullied, undefiled state in which a young lady is, without ever having had sexual intercourse with any man or tasted sex till she gets married to her man of choice—a maidenhood.
  2. It’s a glorious and honorable state in which every young lady who is wise should desire and decide to be, in order to keep herself from the clutch of today’s irresponsible men, those who are Casanovas and Devil incarnate.
  3. It’s a preventive state for any youth against premarital sex and sin of fornication.
  4. It’s the quality or state of being a virgin.一Merriam Webster Dictionary

Virginity In Old Days

In old days, virginity is one of the state treated with high honor and respect (it’s a highly valued state rigidly embraced) by our forefathers and mothers, and thus made them deemed it a compulsory state in which their female child must be until the day she is ready to finally get marry to her man of choice. Even in the Bible, virginity is considered a very important state for a young woman—the pure, unsullied and undefiled state (a state of respect and honour)—in which a female child must be till she finds her man of choice to whom it’s obviously clear she will get marry. And there’s one thing, if by force or will she gets deflowered by the man to whom she is not going to get marry; that’s, a stranger, and she, as a result, becomes dishonored and disrespected and full of shame, the man by whom the young lady gets deflowered will get punished or pay sum amount of money to the parent of the young lady (or woman rather) and thus make her, the young lady he deflowered, his wife from there on, except if the parents of the lady refuse to give her to him to marry as a wife, even after he has paid to them money for his wrong deed. Of course, he has no any authority over the lady whatsoever because he’s not a rightful husband of the lady. (Leviticus 21: 13-14, Exodus 22: 16-17, Deuteronomy 22: 13-21)

Virginity Today

We are entirely living in a sinfully civilized world filled with various strange and erroneous vague ideas that are very detrimental to our dear life and destiny! We are in a world where the spirit of civilization has completely taken over our course of living, eaten deep into our mind, soul and spirit, our way of thinking (imagination) and behaviors; even each and every step we take daily are also seriously negatively affected. And thus, we are being misdirected, misled and misguided by the false ideas and beliefs of civilization, most especially in the area of education by making this tripartite clause our common song today: “it doesn’t matter”. Consequently, we are by ignorance erroneously sold to all sorts of vices of life, and therefore shamelessly concluding that this is the way and act of the modern world (civilization) we are in, claiming it’s normal while it’s worst. Now, we who claim we are educated are ignorantly proving and claiming it’s a normal and natural kind of life for us to be living, thus ignorantly condemning and ignoring those ways of living of our forefathers—the ways of living that have more values, and which is far more better than the life we are living in this current world of civilization we are in today. We are considering the beliefs and lifestyles of our fathers as primitive and of no value, as if we are wiser than they were and as if know what we are saying, but when it’s quite glaring that we are blind, seeing and knowing nothing but blindly buttressing our useless views and opinions regarding virginity by all sorts of damned, archaic and even lost vocabularies only to justify our personal course and cause while we are ignorantly and gradually killing ourselves inside and outside; we are destroying our future and that of the coming generations, and unfortunately we never realize that all these civilizational and educational claims are from sheer lack of understanding.

The Destiny Of The Coming Generations At Stake

The question to ask here is, must this situation ever be going like this? I think no, why? It’s because going this way will without doubt utterly destroy the destiny of the coming generations. By how? As things are today, if it will ever continue this way: things will even get more worse if we are condemning some important things/ideas, most especially the ways of life and beliefs of our forefathers and mothers regarding virginity, proving that the ways of living of our forefathers and mothers are completely old ways of living. Meanwhile, these modern ideas we are promoting are killing us inside and outside gradually, which I know that before we know, the situation would have been far beyond our control!

Virginity—Not A Trump card

Furthermore, It’s today that people say: “virginity is not necessary anymore; it’s not a ‘trump card’ to find a responsible husband or wife to enter into marriage”. What a bad statement, a utter misleading one! Today, virginity is no more a thing desired to talk about among today’s young ladies, even parents—all because of civilization and failure to know and acknowledge its importance! Also, It’s today that we see some counselors who say it’s advisable that courting partners have a taste of sex, at least twice or thrice, before they finally get marry, for this will not make it difficult for the two partners when preparing to have sexual intercourse together, as husband and wife, claiming that because they both would have had enough sexual experience and would have known how to joyfully, pleasurably and understandingly engage in it to reach orgasm to the fullest without difficulty or pain of any sort (because they would have known the pleasure in it and how to engage in it without any problem). Is this a wise counseling? I think not so! This is demonic and even demoniac!

Is Virginity Right Or Wrong?

First, before we can conclusively answer this question we have to ask ourselves, what does it mean for a woman to be a virgin? Personally to me, I don’t think this kind of question regarding virginity needs to be so a controversial kind that we have to find it very difficult to clearly arrive at conclusion on whether it’s something right or wrong. The issue of virginity is a very long time issue that has taken place in the days of our forefathers and is still taking place today, but it’s just that it’s no more considered important as it was in the day of our fathers, as said earlier in the paragraph above. So, to judge whether virginity is right or wrong, or in other words, whether it’s right or wrong for a young lady to be a virgin largely depends on in-depth and clear understanding regarding virginity. This understanding is what I see as the first determining factor to correctly judge whether virginity is something right or wrong. Virginity is beyond a state of being a virgin: it’s a glorious, honorable state in which every young lady who is wise can desire and decide to be, as this has been confirmed to be one of the way in which woman can make herself expensive to men and prevent sexual immortality (premarital sex). Spiritually, layman may not understand this, virginity has powerful meaning which can only be understood by those who are spiritual; it has serious effect on every woman, but only view women and people in general know this. You will be surprised that Satan knows and understand what it means for a woman to be a virgin than anyone else. Therefore, virginity is 100% right and the best way a young lady can keep herself from the temptation/sin of premarital sex waging war against the soul and mind of every youth today. So, conclusively, once again, virginity, without doubt, is 100% right and proper.

Conclusion & Advice

As a young lady who knows what she’s doing, it’s 100% right and proper to be a virgin. The Bible fully supports this, and it has its root in it. It’s a glorious and honorable state for every young lady who is already in this state; it’s a preventive state against premarital sex and fornication. it’s the best state in which a lady can be to discover the right life partner for herself. Though it’s not a “trump card”, as somebody once said, to enter into marriage or override others desiring to get marry successfully, but it helps a lot to know a man who proves to be real and original like he’s ready to be a true life partner, but who is a complete liar, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Finally, above all, are you a lady reading this post and are already in the state discussed here, virginity, I would advise that you stay glued to this state till you get married, for it’s highly profitable and rewarding.