Basic factors for building real immovable happy home
Genuine basic information on building a real, sturdy and immovable happy home that can stand the storm/wind and the test of time

Every home that grows, develops and progresses in success has a real secret, and what’s this secret? You want to know? The secret is just that It recognizes those basic vital factors that have great potential to make happy home happen by their existence in the home一and those factors are going to be discussed here explicitly one after the other.  

For your home to stand the test of time, wind and storm, it must recognize all these factors and allow them to function 

Happy Home Makes Marriage More Interesting (HHMMMI)

Marriage becomes more interesting when couples understand how to build a strong happy home/marriage relationship. Now, tell me, what’s the value of marriage when the home is in chaos and fraught with problems day and night from every angle? This is why I want you to know that Joy of marriage begins when couples understand what it takes to make happy home happen in their marital journey. And…the truth here is that, today, many couples are suffering ignorantly for lack of knowledge on how to create a real happy home, which has lead to a serious, unimaginable, and inexplicable frustration and sorrow for many of them. Therefore, it’s conspicuous that for any couples to succeed maritally they must understand and know what it takes/costs to build a sturdy, meaningful and effective happy home. Listen: when a home lacks happiness, which is the basic and major benefit of marriage, such a home will never have progress. Then, for couples to avoid this, they should incline and stick themselves firmly to the basic factors going to be discussed here because any other factors that may be discovered or surfaced after those going to be discussed here are what I called supplements (additional).

What’s A Real Strong Happy Home?

As you know, happy home simply implies a home of happiness—it’s a home solely and basically characterized by happiness. Happiness, comfort and peace are the inherent attributes of every real “happy home”.

A happy home is a refuge, a safety place for its inhabitants from storm/wind; it’s a home where you and I should really be—your and mine shelter in the storm. “Home [a happy home] is a shelter from storms—all sorts of storms“—William J. Bennett. This is a place in the world where you and I know there is peace, comfort, love, acceptance… all those good things—that generates happiness in the life of man—that people strive for in their families.

But in broader sense, a real happy home is a home which has, and which recognizes and gives room to all those vital factors/qualities that have real potential to bring about happiness in the home; It’s a home through/by which peace, comfort, joy and happiness have their place, and take deep root and function effectively well among members of the family.

Additionally and emphatically, a real, strong, healthy and perfect happy home gives room to these factors to function well and take deep root in the family in such a way that their existence and functions will clearly effectively become manifested to and felt by all the members of the family starting from the father to mother extending to the children and family relatives living in that same home/family as well.

Factors For Building A Real Immovable Happy Home

The factors going to be discussed with you here are those basic sure factors to build a very strong, sturdy, effective happy home. They are solid building-blocks for every solid, true happy home; they are forces and secrets behind every real happy home, and they are power to the spirit of peace, joy and happiness in the home; and they are inevitable in building or making a happy home happen. These factors can’t be overemphasized or over-discussed in the issue of bringing happiness into our home. Therefore, listed below here are the sixten basic factors to build any strong, sturdy happy home:

  1. Prayer—This is the first and foremost basic powerful and inevitable key factor for building a strong, effective and productive happy home. Prayer must be, at whatever cost and by all means, featured as the number one thing in the home by every wise couple if the home will ever produce them happiness at all. Therefore, to experience and enjoy unstoppable, unhindereable and unimaginable perfect breeze of great happiness, couples must (have prayer alter) learn how to conduct prayer over their home every day; it must be everyday activity. If you don’t know how to pray over your family, then you don’t know how to enjoy pure, perfect real happiness. Prayer is a master-key to perfect happiness in the home, and for every couple to enjoy this, they must cultivate strong habit of prayer every day. They must have a burning prayer altar upon which every activity of the Devil in and over their home will be burned by the power of prayer.
  2. Love—In million times, the word love cannot be overemphasized in this particular issue. Yes, it can’t be! Why? It’s because love is everything (it’s the greatest and number one factor upon which all other factors are anchored) in the home, marriage and even any relationship, be it business or whatever; it’s everything a couple will ever need to build a home full of happiness, peace and joy. The Scripture commands men to love their wife and even explain in detail the importance of love between husband and wife in the home. When the spirit of love is reigning in the home, happiness is hundred percent bound to be in existence in such a home without measure. Love in the home drives away fear and produces more perfect happier life of peace between husband and wife extending to children. It’s upon love that all other factors for building effective happy home hung.
  3. Understanding—If two persons can’t agree to be together as one, then they can’t marry each other—this is a basic marital law. This means understanding, among husband and wife and even children, is a great key factor to build a home full of happiness. Before two persons can be together as one, they both must first understand each other, which thereby leads to agreement between them to be together as one. The Bible says “two persons can’t be together except they agree”. How can this happen? It’s can only happen by the spirit of understanding between them both. So, in a home where understanding is lacked there will always be disagreement, which definitely leads to unhappiness (chaos) in the family. Therefore, understanding should be given a room in the home if there should be happiness at all in such a home. And, it’s understood that understanding breeds immeasurable happiness and peace in the home between husband and wife extending to children in the home where it’s allowed. The lack of this is the existence of trouble in the home.  Look at this quote:“home [a happy home] is not where you live but where they understand you“—Christian Morgenstern
  4. Wisdom—Yes, a home that is built in/on, controlled, managed and ruled by wisdom is a home built and wrapped in happiness. Wisdom is power for any couple who have it and allow it to reign in the home—it gives capacity to build happy home with ease and effort-free. As you must know, wisdom is required from every couple that desires true happiness and marital success. Couple (husband and wife) should therefore learn how to deal with each other in wisdom if they truly want to build strong happy home. A home built, established on, ruled and controlled in wisdom by couples is built on rock (solid foundation). One of the great pillars for every well-established home is wisdom and understanding. (Proverbs 24: 3).
  5. Trust—Trust is another powerful factor for building a strong happy home; it’s one of the strong pillars of real happy home. A home built on trust will surely enjoy unbeatable profound happiness. This simply means couples who build their home on and in trust will always enjoy real happiness in their marital journey, but, in a home where partners lack trust between and in themselves, it will be very difficult for such partners to live a life of happiness. Therefore, there must be spirit of deep mutual trust between husband and wife in order to build a home full of happiness. This means they must trust and believe each other to make this (building happy home) possible.
  6. Word of God—Word of God, a spiritual rock, is one of the most powerfully effective building-blocks for building strong happy home. If you are Christian, I believe you will understand this point more than a non-Christian person: it’s the number one key factor every Christian considers as most important and effective in the issue of building a happy home. Word of God is like a firewall, (a wall of defence for every marriage), built around the home against any form of outside or inside influences/force that tend to influence the home negatively. It’s clear that If couples desire a sure and secured happy home and have it protected against any form of attack from any anywhere, they then should learn to dip their home in word of God.
  7. Fear of God—The fear of God is a straight gateway to acquiring wisdom for building a secured happy home. Every couple who wants to build a sure unshakable and immovable sturdy lasting-long happy home must allow fear of God in their home. Couples who need real wisdom to build happy home must be able to fear God, why? The Scripture says “the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”. And the same Scripture also says in Proverbs 24: 3 that “by wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established.” So, it means the number one way to a home firmly established on wisdom is through fear of God through His word.
  8. Patience, endurance, perseverance and forbearance—These four qualities I group together as one here are discovered to be performing the same vital function in the home, and they are very essential qualities for building a lasting happy home: couples who have these things in their marriage are very much on the right path to successfully build an enduring fruitful happy home, and they are bound to enjoy lasting happiness as far as these things are existing and functioning in the family.
  9. Forgiveness—Spirit of forgiveness does a lot of things in the home between any couple who give it room, and it’s also one of the quality factors for building happy home and keeping the home in a healthy state of real happiness for long. Forgiveness between husband and wife extending to the children is a great way to keep last long.
  10. Tolerance—The existence of the spirit of tolerance between husband and wife is a sure gateway to making a real happy home happen. Their capacity and willingness to endure and accept each other’s differences in true love and understanding (be it behavior or religion beliefs differences, etc) without adverse reaction to each other is a sure way to building a genuine happy home.
  11. Humility—Humility between husband and wife always creates room for them to build happy home. When the wife is humble to her husband and husband vice versa, they will definitely create room for true happiness that generates from their true sense of humility they both have.
  12. Faithfulness—Faithfulness plays a vital role between couples in building strong, effective happy home. 55 percent of homes that are in serious chaos and disorder today are found to be struggling with unfaithfulness, and thereby making it become very difficult for them to make happy home happen. Image a couple between whom faithfulness is lacked, how do you think their situation would be? To be realistic here, they can never experience happiness at all. Why? It’s basically because faithfulness has great capacity to engender happiness without measure between husband and wife if they allow it.
  13. Honesty—Honesty is also one of the major keys to building a sturdy happy home. If a couple will definitely have happiness in marriage and build a real happy home, they must endeavour to give room to honesty, at all cost, between themselves because honesty is a foundation stone for building a firm and immovable happy home—it’s the best policy in building lifelong happy home.
  14. Obedience—Obedience between a couple is another great way build a truly happy home. When the wife is able to be obedient to her husband in genuine love and humility, and the husband vice versa, they both will be able to sit down and plan in one agreement to create enough room for building a strong happy home because of the joy of obedience they both are able to create in each other’s mind. When woman is able to obey man in the home, it leads to firm agreement between them, and as a result of this there is nothing they both will not have ability to do.
  15. Communication—Communication has for long been confirmed as a major vital instrument to bring family together as one as a result of the power of communication allowed in the family between husband and wife extending to the children. And this has great potential to help couples build a real happy home in one mind in understanding.
  16. Contentment—A contented couple has been studied and discovered to have more ability and access to building a lifelong happy home for themselves. How? Show me a man who is contented with his wife, and I will definitely show you a man who will always find happiness in what he has, his wife! Also, show me a woman who is contented with her husband, and I will show you a woman who will always find happiness in what she has, her husband! Therefore, that said, contentment between a couple is a great way for them to easily build a very strong home that’s full of real happiness, peace, comfort and joy.


The real fact here is that it is very important to know that the issue of happy home in marriage is not a small issue to be holding so lightly at all. Why? The reason being that the effect the home has over our life is not small. When the home is in good condition (when there is happiness in the home), it will definitely have positive effects on the family and the business as well. It’s then our life will and business will be in good condition, which means whatever the situation our home is in, whether good or bad condition, it will definitely has an effect—speak—on our life and children. We must therefore make every effort to build our home the way it will bring us happiness and joy, so that our life, home and children’s life would have meaning. All the sixteen factors discussed above are real, genuine and very important in making happy home happen, and they are basic in nature.