Cheating husband
Don’t take revenge on your husband by cheating on him in return, but take a necessary step

Having discussed five wrong reasons today’s married women do cheat on their husband, I feel it’s also good to discuss ways to—how woman can—handle a cheating addict husband, who is proving stubborn, useless, reckless and sexually irresponsible in the home.

Woman, are you tired of your marriage relationship just because your husband is cheating on you and never seems going to stop to the point of taking your life? You are so confused, not knowing what to do, and it seemed you are in hell in that marriage! I know how it feels for a woman to be in such a critical situation like this. I know your plight. Just try to read this post and apply the solutions provided in it to your situation. I know and believe you will surely get over it.

However, before I proceed, If you happen to be reading this post just by chance, and you have different marital situation, don’t snub it off just because of this, but just try to pass it to others who will seem to be interested in and benefited from it!

Note: Cheating (referred to as infidelity) is an act of being dishonest and disloyal to one’s partner. It’s engaging in extramarital affair (adultery/fornication).  The great error a woman can commit when facing a critical situation like being cheated upon by her husband “is cheating back on him in revenge”, as this could put her and her children in great jeopardy without solution . 

The best ways to handle this situation is by patience and endurance, prayer, and even by divorce (though divorce is completely optional, but it’s advisable if the situation seems to claim or cause you your life) if the situation has become critical more what you can handle  But if you still love your husband and know you can cope with the situation. But if you don’t feel like divorcing him after being cheated upon by him, this is great and perfect! After all, forgiveness and love are power to effective marriage relationship. 

But if you feel comfortable divorcing him, this is fine because your situation is best known to you. Only you alone knows how critical your situation with your husband is and how challenging it is!  It’s good to run for your life’s sake and safty. This is wisdom!  

A Cheating Husband Had His Wife Killed

First, listen to me: I personally, am interested in this particular post. Why? The reason is just being that I have witnessed a tragic life event where a man had cheated on his wife and eventually had her killed because the wife was trying figuring out what was happening to her marriage, and what’s the cause of her husband cheating on her and his coming late home in the night every day in order to tweak the situation. A stubborn husband will never learn until he faces the reality of life; until he faces the reality of being alone. Adam faced the reality of being alone in the garden of Eden before God intervened and gave him a woman of his heart. Why did God do this for Adam? It’s because woman is the first of all things a man could ever desire to have in life, and woman is everything to man in marriage and in his life’s journey. Listen, two becomes one is not a matter of simple arithmetic at all but a matter of mystery of God! God intentionally created man first to be alone in order to know and appreciate the existence of woman when she comes into his life. Do you think God can’t create them at the same time? Of course, He can, but He has reasons for His actions.

Understanding Mystery Of Marriage Covenant

Now, it’s highly unfortunate that some men don’t realize that for a man to be loyal to a woman in the home is a great way to protecting his glory and life and destiny against destroyer. Woman’s spirit always follows man—and that of man vice versa—the moment they become married together as one because an unseen covenant automatically exists between them, which is unconscious to them both, the moment they are declared as husband and wife, and this covenant always works between—and for—both of them as long as they are together as husband and wife—this is a mystery you have to know and understand, dear good reader, if you want to succeed maritally. When marriage covenant is broken, life is automatically broken. And I know you don’t want this! Couples cheating on themselves should therefore keep away from this cheating behaviour, as this has power to put an end to marital joy in a jiffy.
Now, when the spirit of “cheating” begins to have its way between both of them (the husband and wife), then misery will begin to have its way too in their life and home and marriage as well, most especially in the life of husband who is cheating on his God’s given wife. Why it’s like this? It’s because “cheating in marriage” is a marriage covenant breaker and destroyer; it comes to break the marriage covenant between couples before it goes its own way. This is why every couple has to be very careful and learn how to be living loyally with each other so as to prevent their marriage from Devil. Mind you, I am not preaching here but unraveling a mystery to you.

3 Ways To Handle A Cheating Addict Husband

  1. Patience and endurance—One good quote says “If you can learn to endure pain, you can survive anything. Some people learn to embrace it- to love it. Some endure it through drowning it in sorrow, or by making themselves forget. Others turn it into anger”. (Sarah J. Maas, The Assassin’s Blade). Woman, I know that finding yourself in this kind of traumatic situation in your marriage is something painful, but with patience and endurance you can survive it. Don’t you see that quote “if you can learn to endure pain, you can survive anything”, meaning your situation is survivable. You must know that patience and endurance are among those great vital factors for having a successful marriage and long-lasting relationship. Every couple should learn to imbibe the spirit of patience and endurance if they really want to have lasting marriage relationship and survive those challenging situations that tend to suddenly come up against marriage. There is no way you won’t wrong each other, but with these two factors in your marriage you can get the situation under perfect control. Though is not easy, but just be patient with that your cheating husband because with patience and endurance, soon, this situation will become a thing of the past.
  2. Prayer—If you are not a Christian you may not like this or have an idea of what I am saying here, but it’s good to have good understanding about the fact that prayer is what everybody needs. Who are you to hate prayer, then you are a chicken in the hand of Devil and your marriage is at the mercy of Devil at any time. Endurance and patience with PRAYER is a great way to overcome the spirit of “cheating” that has determined to takeover your marriage. There is nothing as powerful and as effective as prayer in this kind of situation. Please don’t denigrate prayer in this situation, especially over your husband because it might be that it’s Satan who is trying to take away/steal the joy of your marriage by attacking (stealing your husband’s heart from you) your husband this way. Take a look at this simple quote that says, “If you pray for yourself and not for your husband, you’ll never find the blessings and fulfillment you want. What happens to him happens to you and you can’t get around it“. (Stormie Omartian, The Power of a Praying Wife). It’s this time you need to pray for your that God should take perfect control over him and the your marriage’s situation. Put his heart in the hand of his Creator, God, and tell Him to takeover his soul and spirit so that his spirit would come back to you from the hands of the strange women. I strongly believe that you will surely have peace after the wind blows and after the raging sea calm down. No man can help you in this situation, but only God can prove himself over your marriage situation.
  3. Divorce—We have talked about two great solutions to this popular, trending and hot marital problem from the above two paragraphs, but why DIVORCE here? I know you would be surprised, and in fact you should be! Yes, you should think and ask why do I have to choose divorce as the third point here in this issue? If you should ask this tentative question, then I am in the right position to answer you well!. Therefore, the answer is that there are some men (husbands) who cannot change their cheating habit at all: they’ve found enjoyment in it and have found it very difficult to stop doing this, even to the point of taking their wife life; they prefer having extramarital affair (involving in adultery/fornication) to focusing only on their God’s given wife. What do you think should now be the best and proper step to take by the woman who is in this critical, faith-killing, life-taking situation. The best thing is for the woman (wife) to do is to file a good LETTER OF DIVORCE against the man (husband). Don’t be ignorant! Let’s see what does the Scripture say about this? You have to know! You have to know that Jesus said this clearly and categorically in the book of Mathew: 9, “I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality (fornication), and marries another woman commits adultery”. The fact here is that if your situation is becoming more than what you can handle, if it seemingly going to claim your life (if you have started to see death looming or knocking at your door), then it’s better to decide serving him (your husband) a real letter of divorce, so that you could, at least, have rest of mind in your life and put yourself together. Some men are recklessly stubborn and useless like the man who killed his wife—just because she’s trying to get the situation of her marriage tweaked—in the short story I narrated in the third paragraph above.

In a nutshell, if your situation is critical that you are having doubt and fear that it could one day lead to untimely, unnatural death for you, then you are completely free to get him divorced in time before he takes your life out of you by his immoral and undisciplined sexual behaviour.

But before I stop pounding the keyboard here, if you still love your husband after cheating on you, and you don’t feel like divorcing him—this is good and great—then decision is in your hand. But cheating on him in return is what I am completely against, as this could definitely put your life and your children’s in serious jeopardy. Instead of cheating on him, go for divorce and bring yourself together again, and let your children know why you have made this decision. If he later has a change of mind (if he repents), you can welcome him back. After all, this is all about love. No new thing under the sky. Forgiveness is everything in marriage.

Cheating in marriage context—is a sign of infidelity, disloyalty and dishonesty to one’s partner in marriage—is one of the most common ways through which the Devil and his cohorts take to destroy so many marriages today. And the best ways to handle this situation in marriage are discussed above: the best way is to have patience and endurance plus prayer while divorce is just optional if the situation is critical. Once again, if it’s more than what you can endure, perhaps because of some reasons which is best known to you, then you can take step into divorce. But it’s good to exercise patience and have endurance in this kind of situation, so that Satan could be put to shame in your marriage and home.