Can you cheat on your husband and escape its outcome in your marriage? No!

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It’s evidently discovered that 50 percent of the “reasons “today’s married women” do cheat on their husband” are being caused by men themselves (most of today’s men are the cause; they make their wife cheat on them due to their wrong behaviors (uncontrolled sexual, undisciplined behaviours) in marriage, and 30 percent of it are being caused by women while the remaining 20 percent are being caused by poor financial state of men in the home. But besides that, It’s good to understand that the word “cheating” in marriage is completely against the good health of marriage—it causes marriage no good but only harm. Every responsible married couple should know that it (cheating) has a great tendency to bring their marriage to a sudden end without solution. Therefore, the only solutions to this problem of “cheating” in marriage are basically understanding and sexual discipline. Marriage is all about understanding and  marital discipline. Couples should learn how to be possessed and controlled by the spirit of understanding and discipline to have a productive long-lasting marriage.

***A man who denies his wife her sexual right—perhaps, because of work/business or whatever, intentionally or not—in the home automatically pushes her to cheat on him, though this is not the right thing to do by any woman who is having this problem in marriage, but it’s discovered that 95 percent of women who find themselves in this situation seek for alternative to solve their problem***.

Who is then at fault in this situation? Of course, it’s you, man!  It’s a foolishness and stupidity to love (to give attention to) your job more than your home/family. The basic rule—here—to have happy home/family/marriage is: family first, your business second.

Now to the women, should you ever take revenge (or think of taking revenge) on your husband—because he cheated on you and never seemed to stop—by engaging in “cheating” on him in return? No! You must know that doing this can definitely destroy your marriage and take away its joy and everything you’ve worked for, for years in that marriage in just a minute—it will even affects your children’s lifes. I will boldly tell you here that I know how you feel, and there is a way to handle this in marriage, and we will discuss this in the next post. If your husband is sexually undisciplined, proving stubborn in cheating on you to the extent of seemingly taking your life, don’t worry. You will learn how to easily handle him with wisdom in the next post.

“Cheating”: Not A New Thing Anymore

Today, cheating in marriage relationship should not be a new or strange thing to you and I anymore. It should not be a surprise to you when you see a married woman calling her husband all sort of names like a good-for-nothing old man, a useless-old-fool, e.t.c., but calling and describing her paramour a darling, my true love, my sweethearts, and my one-and-only because we are now in a world where some women today have this belief in them that marriage (i.e., having a husband) should not be a barrier to having an/or involving in extramarital affair. They say: “extramarital affair doesn’t matter; it doesn’t spoil marriage or break marriage covenant/relationship”. Some of these women (55% of them), today, are more than bold enough to bring their paramour to their matrimonial home to have sexual intercourse with them in their matrimonial bed. What a shameless world we are! A world where the husband will not be around, maybe just for a while, perhaps, for a business purpose/trip, and the wife will see and use that little space of time that her husband is not around as an opportunity to invite her paramour to her matrimonial home to have sexual intercourse with her in her matrimonial bed while some of them prefer having this mess done outside their matrimonial home just to make it a secret, forgetting that there is no secret under the sky. Hey! What a great abomination happening in our world today! Why are these women doing this? You’ve got to find out! This is a fact and reality you must find out about. I am saying the truth here, but you may not believe me

Is “Cheating” The Solution To Marital Problem?

First, what is cheating in this context? In simple sentence, it means couples’ involvement in extramarital affair, I.e., adultery (sex outside marriage, sex with a man other than real legal husband). It’s the act of engaging in any form of sexual activity outside marriage.

As you must know that, In any way, adultery has never been favourably considered by God in Scripture. No, not before or after some time in the past or present or future, and never will this happen! You must know that this is a reality. You have to understand that adultery has for long been, from the beginning of the creation, in the custody of God’s punishment chamber where it’s being treated with zero tolerance without mercy up till this moment until the day of judgement, which means that those women who are into this are already in this chamber of punishment preserved for God’s arranged punishment. The question here is that should this (cheating on men in marriage) now be the thing some of today’s married women will now be using as a solution tool to solve their marital problem? I think not so! This I see as number one ignorance being displayed by these “today’s married women”—it’s a great error in the sight of the wise man and the living God.

Furthermore, looking for solution to this problem, it’s discovered from study that 45 percent of these women are presently, ignorantly engaging pleasurely and willingly—as a result of taking vengeance on their adulterous husbands who cheat on them—in this so-called marital mess (extramarital affair, adultery) globally, thinking and believing that engaging in this will give them the joy and happiness they are looking for in marriage as they deserve it, but which instead turns to a deep regret and sorrow for them in the end of their life. I believe that these women who are into this, perhaps for one reason or the other, genuine or not genuine one(s), have forgotten that this only compounds their marital problem automatically and increases their sorrow, as one who has once tasted real love, and who has known how it feels to be loved and dealt faithfully and lovely with by man in marriage, but who is now deprived of these marital enjoyments/rights; it only makes worst their situation and brings no solution to their problem.

Therefore, to be factual here, no matter what or how your situation might be, there is no any genuine reason for you to engage in cheating on your husband, as this easily leads to adultery (extramarital affair, sex), which is a great sin against the Creator of the universe, God, and which is a great way for Satan to put you in bondage of hell forever

The Reasons Listed And Explained

Yeah, here we go. Yes, it’s true that there are wrong reasons for which today’s women, both married and unmarried (singles), are cheating on men, but most of the reasons are really caused by men themselves—most of today’s men are the cause; they make their wife cheat on them due to their wrong behaviors in marriage. We are not coming to that now but let’s save it for the next post. Therefore, under here are the top common five wrong reasons for which today’s married women do cheat on their men (husbands)

  1. Lust for money—Findings regarding reasons today’s married women do cheat on their men (husbands) have recently shown that almost 45 percent of them are into this marital mess (cheating on men), as said earlier, just because of money. Many of these women’s husbands are not that poor though (many of them are well-to-do), but they just found cheating on their husbands as the best, normal and perfect way to achieving their aim of getting money just because they have strong unreasonable desire for it; and that they want it at all cost without any regard for their marriage. And unfortunately, money has been found as the number one major global reason today’s women, both those who are married and unmarried (singles) involve in all sorts of useless and reckless sexual activities (especially extramarital sex (adultery) which bring dishonor to them in the face of people. Additionally, lest I forget, there is another case of some of these women who are not willingly cheating on their men, but who are doing it because of poverty (because their husbands are incapable of taking care of them financially). But, the question here is that, “should they at all do this for whatsoever reason for God’s sake?” This is capital NO! There is a way to a situation like this between husband and wife.
  2. Lack/lose of libido—I have come across many married women who gave complaints about their husbands’ poor performance in bed because of lack of/weak sexual desire. Some of these women spoke and said, “my husband is not strong enough: his sexual desire is not strong enough for me to appreciate in bed, for he always quickly goes weak after, maybe, one or two rounds, so I need to find a solution to my marital plight”. Solution by how? By going out to seek for a man who could give her maximum sexual satisfaction she needs. These types of women want a man who have strong libido; that is, strong sex drive, a man who could ride them like a horse. Yes, it’s true that there are some men whose their libido (sex desire) is very low, or who has even lost it (libido). As a result of this, this made their wife decide cheating on them since they are not capable of meeting their need sexually. But notwithstanding, should this make any responsible married woman cheat on her husband? No! This is called foolishness in marriage. It’s only that these women want to gratify their heart’s desires. These women’s act is a symptomatic expression of what (they want to do) is inside of them.
  3. Lack of time—It’s unfortunate that some men love their business more than their marriage/home. They are more engaged with their work than with their family. “Time”, in marriage, is one of the great factors to create a happy and strong marriage relationship between a couple in the home—this is what most couples fail to know and understand when planning of building a strong relationship and happy home, and thereby causing trouble for themselves in their marriage journey. Today, it’s unfortunate that there are some men who fail to know this fact that their inability to find time with their wifes in the home has a great tendency to make their wifes cheat on them. It should therefore be clearly understood by every married partner (most especially married men) that having a good “time” with their partners, be it woman or man, is a good way to keeping marriage relationship warm and smooth and healthy. Therefore, for any man to enjoy his woman and prevent her from cheating on him, he must be able to find time for her at all cost in the home.
  4. Lack of contentment—Yes, though some women are feeling fine with their husband. Their husbands satisfy them with everything needed in marriage: they are given time, money, and sex as needed, but still these women find no satisfaction in these because they lack contentment. Some of these women loves to be ridden by men like a horse. They like men to be having up to 7-10 rounds with them in bed—they find pleasure in this more than anything else because they are a sex maniac (sex-addicted). One man cannot sexually satisfy them. They are sexualy committed and connected to their husbands, but they are not maritally committed or connected, forgetting that marriage is a commitment between a man and a woman before they can become one.
  5. Vengeance/revenge—I have seen some women who gave complaint that they intentionally decide to be cheating on their husband—as a way of taking revenge on them—just because they (their husbands) cheated on them. Woman, let’s face reality here: should you ever take revenge on your husband by engaging in cheating on him in return just because he cheated on you. If this is why you made this foolish decision without thinking of the outcome on your marriage and children, then you are a big fool (not sorry to say) as this will only compound your plight and put your marriage in a great danger of separation. This is not the best way to handle this situation in marriage.


From the above discussions, It’s glaring that 50 percent of the “reasons today’s married women do cheat on their husbands” are being caused by men themselves, and 30 percent of it are being caused by women while the remaining 20 percent are being caused by poor financial state of men in the home. But besides that, It’s now good to understand that the word “cheating” in marriage is completely against the good health of marriage—it causes marriage no good but harm. Every responsible married couple should know that it has a great tendency to bring marriage to a sudden end without solution. Therefore, the only solution to the problem of “cheating” in marriage is the understanding. Marriage is all about understanding. Couples should learn how to be possessed and controlled by the spirit of understanding to have a productive long-lasting marriage.