Get your relationship understood and validated

I discovered that many youths today, mostly women, are in great confusion as regards whether the relationship they are in, or which they are about to enter into would (make them happy in the end or not) produce them their desired result in their journey from dating/courting relationship to marriage. Thus, many of them are always thinking of the perfect idea of discovering the best way to have their problem solved—and confusion cleared away—over how to determine whether a relationship is good and healthy and supportive of their destiny or not. Factually, there is nothing bad in that a man sees a woman and completely falls in love with her, and woman vice versa. But falling head over heels irrationally is what I seriously considered very wrong—it’s a wrong idea that is highly detrimental to the success of a relationship.

Source Of This Post

This post is crafted creatively based on the fact that there are three basic points I am going to discuss with you here, and the points are derived from the rational relationship quote you see in the image above. I hope you too can see it clearly. Yes, I guessed the creator of the quote above had deep rational basic idea of what relationship means and involves. Briefly, let me first tell you here that, as you must know, hardly you will see the three points to be discussed with you here to have been discussed by anyone on the internet. So, it’s good that you to read it and think about it very well and even consider them in your relationship. The best relationship is always characterized by these three points, and their absence in a relationship is a clear sign that the relationship will not do you any good; it means it will not be supportive of your destiny at all. You should be very careful and put them (these points) in geeat consideration before you completely become stuck in any relationship.

Wise warning: you must know that your relationship with that young man or woman, be it dating or courting relationship, is a gateway (first step) to entering into your marriage, and you must know that your relationship holds your future (your marriage); it’s wrapped in it. And marriage only comes to existence only when both of you are declared as one forever (as husband and wife).  Therefore, you must have deep knowledge of what a good relationship involves before it could be discribed or seen as a good relationship by you.   

Key points: You must make sure that your relationship allows/involves these three things: 1. It must accept your past, 2. It must support your present, and 3. It must encourage your future.

The Most Challenging Situation In A Relationship

The hardest, most critical and challenging situation that every youth who is entering into or who has already entered into a relationship can find himself or herself is “how to know whether the relationship will support (agree to) his or her destiny or not“. Yes, this has been discovered to be critical and hard for them to know, and so many of them have been found neglecting bothering themselves to know this today because of the difficulty involved in knowing it. Meanwhile, it’s found to be very important for every youth, who wants to succeed in marriage, to be able to know and understand this (whether the relationship he or she is in will support his or her destiny) very clearly before getting completely stuck in it. I have come across many youths who always give complaints and ask me by saying, “please, what do you think I can do about my relationship for I am so confused because of the situation of the relationship I found myself, for I don’t really understand what’s going on between my partner and me, for It doesn’t seem the relationship would have a successful end: I don’t even know maybe it would support my future because of the way I sometimes see things happening between us now?”.

Marriage—Not A Thing You Can Just Enter Into And Come Out So Easily

Today, I have noticed and observed that there are so many wrong reasons by which today’s youths do fall in a relationship that will never be of any help to their destiny—they fall into this type of relationship without thinking of the outcome, as a result of their ignorance about what the word called “marriage” means. Then, many of them, perhaps, after two or three years of marriage do realize that they have already made a serious mistake finding themselves in such a dsetiny-killing relationship, and thereby regretting their situation because there is no turning back for them—they are already stuck in it. Marriage is not a thing you can just enter into and think you can come out of it at any time if the situation is not treating you well. But it’s so unfortunate when I see or hear people saying, “if you rush into marriage you will rush out of it“. Personally, this I see as a sheer error and great misconception because once you enter into marriage, you become completely stuck in it. Even if there is a way out for you, it won’t be without injury. Yes, even if you get a way out, you will be injured. Once you are in, you are in completely. This is why it’s very much important for any youth, especially women, to see the blueprint of where he/she is going before making final decision of entering into marriage.

The Three Signs Explained

The three signs (points) to be discussed below here are the major basic signs to be expecting in any perfectly good relationship that will agree with your destiny. The existence of these three things are the best way to know whether the relationship is in agreement with your life or not, and this is how you can easily discover maybe you are in the right relationship or not. If, in any case, you can’t find the traces of these three things in your relationship, please quickly quit such a relationship without hesitation to avoid regret in your life. I hope you remember that “a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage“: if your relationship is broken, it’s better than that your marriage is broken, and this doesn’t mean you won’t find another person to get married to, and even, your marriage will even be meaningful and colorful.

Therefore, you must know that every good relationship is characterized by these three basic things listed under here with their full explanation one after the other. Every perfectly good relationship must:

  1. Accepts your past—The number one thing to first find out or to be looking for in any relationship you may find yourself, as a youth, is if it will be supportive of your destiny; that’s, if it will agree with it and support it positively. It must accept your past with deep understanding and love. This is the first step in finding out the reality about the genuineness of the relationship you are into. As you must know, nobody is without a past, and the past may be good, bad or even worst—your past may be in any state. The fact here is that if your past is good (if you don’t have any bad record in the past), then you are fortunate, and if the other is the case (if your past is worst than anything), it’s possible for you to find yourself in some critical situations with your patner, most especially, if you are a women who had worst past, because some men always want to find out about their partners’ past without any cogent reason for doing so while they are not so mature to hold the truth about it. But, the most important thing you must know here is that every promising and good relationship will and must always involve partners accepting each other’s past, no matter how worst it may be—a good relationship must not be affected or judges by the worst past state of any of them, but instead it must be judge and driven by complete spirit of acceptance between both of them. Partners’ ability to accept their past well in love and understanding without thinking or remembering it, is their capability to build a strong, healthy and successful relationship. Therefore, know this fact that your worst past must not have any effect/influence on your relationship with your partner: every true relationship will and must not remember the past, but instead, it must let go of it and move on to building a new strong present and future. Therefore, let past be past, and bygone be bygone!
  2. Supports your present—Your present holds your future; it’s fully impregnated with it. And you have to realize that every perfect relationship will always support and agree with your present to give birth to a glorious meaningful future. This is the number two sign you have to be looking for in your relationship. You must now know that the future of your marriage is greatly wrapped and folded in your present relationship, be it dating or courting relationship—it is a shroud in mystery that you have to deeply understand to have a successful and effective relationship that will definitely lead to a colorful successful marriage. If a marriage will succeed, it begins from havin a good, perfect and healthy relationship. Good relationship is a good sign of a good marriage future. Therefore, good relationship will and must always support the partners’ present, no matter how the present may be, be it smooth or very rough present. It will support the present regardless of how hard, rough, difficult or whatever it may look like. This kind of relationship shows and involves partners to have, unimaginable, immeasurable and inexplicable deep feeling of love between themselves,  and for each other without regarding the present situation that anyone of them might be in, or they both might even find themselves.
  3. Encourages your future—Don’t you ever get stuck in any relationship with different destination, which can never encourage your future but instead destroyed it beyond remedy. You must always understand that there is no way two persons with different focuses, plans or purposes can ever be compatible to stay together successfully for long—No, they can’t! Because there will surely be separation in this type of relationship that doesn’t show any agreement In encouraging your destiny (your future). You must know that it’s possible for two persons to be in the same vehicle even sit beside themselves, but have complete different aims, purposes and focuses—this means their destination will be completely different. Therefore, this is the third sign you must be looking for in any relationship you may find yourself because every good, supportive relationship must always have the same destination; it must be encouraging, which means you and your partner must have concentric mind (that is; the same mind, focuses, purposes and plans to get your future encouraged). There should be a warm and profound agreement between you both. Every relationship that supports your destiny encourages your future: it always agrees with your future, encourages it and gives it a better shape, better structure and better living. If you are not able to differentiate genuine relationship from the fake one, then your marriage future is in great danger.


It’s good to understand that being in a relationship for many years doesn’t matter as having good, healthy relationship that accepts, support, and encourages partners’ past, present and future. And the number one essence of any relationship is to be able to show these important signs between two partners. Therefore, absence of these three signs discussed here in any relationship is highly detrimental to the life of partners themselves and their marriage.

Warning: you must know that your relationship with that young man or woman, be it dating or courting relationship, is a gateway to entering into your marriage, and you must know that your relationship holds your future (marriage); it’s wrapped in it. And marriage only comes to existence only when both of you are declared as one forever (husband and wife). Therefore, you must have deep knowledge of what a good relationship involves before it could be discribed or seen as a good relationship.   

Key points: You must make sure that your relationship allows these three things: 1. It must accept your past, 2. It must support your present and, 3. It must encourage your future.