marital wind/storm
Marital wind is inevitable. You must be ready to overcome it before it overcome your marriage.

You must understand four keys to overcoming marital wind because stormy/windy situation is sure to occur in marriage, but it’s good, as a couple, to get the real truth about bringing this situation under control and  even get it overcome.

One of major indisputable facts about marriage is that it’s sure to suffer from marital wind. One thing you have to really understand is that there is no perfect marriage. In every home, there is this fact that different kinds of winds will or do blow; whether you like it or not, wind will blow, but the kind of foundation you build your marriage upon will surely determine whether your marriage will stand or crumble.
According to a marriage expert and counselor, there are up to 14 different kinds of winds that can blow against marriage structure and destroy it if care is not taken in building its foundation. But, before explaining them one after the other what are marital winds.

What Are Marital Winds?

Marital winds are those challenging situations or circumstances (which may either be from husband’s or wife’s family side or friends, relatives, e.t.c) that rise against marriage to the extent of destroying its existence.

14 Marital Winds Listed

Listed under here are the major and sure marital winds that will surely blow against marriage, either you like it or not and their explanations one after the other:

  1. Personal wind
  2. Devil’s wind
  3. Natural wind
  4. Self-made wind
  5. Government wind
  6. In-law’s wind
  7. Husband versus wife’s wind
  8. Friend’s wind
  9. Occupational wind
  10. Worldly wind
  11. Children’s wind
  12. Religious wind
  13. Sexual wind
  14. Girl friend’s wind

Marital Winds’ Remedies

To overcome marital wind, only four things I am going to discuss with you under this topic, and if you can really make use; that’s if you apply them in your marriage, success and victory is 100% sure. All those marital winds mentioned above have remedies, and what are those remedies? They are the four things I am going to discuss with you under here:

  1. Strong foundation:As you know that marital wind is sure to blow, It’s highly required that strong marriage foundation is built to sustain and prevent marriage from tragedy that results when the wind is blown against it. Marriage foundation is not optional because It’s the number one sure way to overcome any form of wind that may rise to beat against marriage structure. Failure in building strong/solid marriage foundation always opens our marriage to any unforeseen tragedy that marital winds tend to bring against marriage. Therefore, couples are highly advised that paying attention to building a strong marriage foundation is very important as it gives complete security against tragedy of marital winds.
  2. Love—This is also inevitable in preventing our marriage against marital storms/winds. Pure love between husband and wife always builds a wall of protection over marriage against marital winds/storms and any internal or external enemies of marriage. Love should reign and have root between any couple that desires complete protection from any unforeseen tragedy or disaster which comes as a result of marital wind that is sure to blow against marriage.
  3. Understanding—When there is understanding between a couple that–windy situation is inevitable in marriage–there is no way wind won’t blow against marriage, this automatically gives them room, strength and confidence to prepare their mind to stand on their feet against any stormy/windy situation in the journey of their marriage. Understanding between a couple is a great weapon in their hand to overcome marital wind and have unimaginable marital success.
  4. Prayer—Every couple should understand that no marriage can succeed without prayer. lf you are not a Christian, you may not understand what l am saying here: nothing works for success in marriage like prayer. Prayer is a great, incomparable weapon to overcome windy and stormy situation that rise to beat against marriage, but, with prayer, stormy and windy situation of any form or nature has no power over marriage. Therefore, couples should or are advised to cultivate the habit of prayer in order to enjoy daily automatic marital victory.

In Conclusion

In marriage, windy/stormy situation is inevitable, and every couple who desires to overcome it must come to understand that those four solutions provided above are indisputable when seeking for the way to overcome this marital wind. Every couple is therefore advised to apply those four things discussed above if they truly desire to have victory over marital wind.