You must understand how to build healthy relationship, enemies/killers of relationship, and you must get rid of those things that can quickly kill your relationship without remedy before you can succeed in it.

Hello dear reader, I have come to tell you that I have discovered somethings recently I see can really—and which without doubt have great potential to destroy your relationship—bring a sudden end to even a good, healthy and robust relationship without remedy if care is not taken.

Enemies of relationship
Kill the enemies of your relationship before they attack it without remedy

Early Prevention Is Better Than Cure

The earlier you know those things that can quickly and suddenly kill your relationship the better because you must quickly prevent them from having their way in your relationship before they show you their potentiality. Failure or lateness in knowing and preventing these things can in just a second destroy any good and very healthy relationship without remedy. These things are the major enemies of success in any relationship because they have capacity to bring relationship to a sudden end without warning or notice. Every Good and wise partner will and must be wary about these things and by all means avoid and prevent them from having their way in his or her relationship. It’s good to prevent this in time than cure, as things could have been destroyed beyond normal and capacity. So, don’t wait to prevent these things I am going to discuss with you here before things get out of hand.

Healthy Relationship Is Not About—What?

Healthy relationship Is not about having sex but pure love, and not love alone, no, but it’s also–majorly–about studying, discovering each other’s weaknesses and making adjustment to these weaknesses and preventing those things that has potential to kill and destroy the relationship quickly and suddenly without warning and remedy.

To really build a healthy relationship, there are some things—among which things that are going to be discussed here are found—you need to know and prevent from happening in your relationship, which you must never allow to have a room or place in the journey of your relationship. Furthermore, the absence of these things in your relationship is a great and clear evidence that it’s is healthy. Healthy relationship is not only about loving, kissing, romancing, heaven and earth promising, going for shopping and buying of expensive gifts for each other, but it’s also about studying, knowing/discovering and preventing those things that are potentially dangerous to the health of relationship.

The 6 Relationship’s Killers Explained

Under here are those five major, basic relationship killers are listed and briefly explained one after the other:

  1. Sex during first date (premarital sex)—This is where young women today have been making a serious mistake with their partners: many of these women think maybe offering their men sex during first date is the first and best way to prove themselves real to men, and right way to strengthen their relationship with men, but not knowing that doing this only makes them look so cheap to men and useless to men. The fact here is that today’s men are wise, and they know real, reserved women who have not spoilt themselves with men, women who are serious and ambitious. Furthermore, woman, listen to this fact here: any man who demands for sex during your first date with him or at the early stage of the your relationship has no thought in his mind to marry you, but only want to deceive you into having sexual intercourse with you and dump after achieving his aim on you. Sex during first date or premarital sex is a great enemy to your relationship. Keep away from it.
  2. Double dating—When I say double dating in this context, what do I mean? Double dating may mean many things, and the meaning I am giving to the word double dating here is: the act of or a situation where one man is dating two women at the same time while both women neither know or seen each other. Presently today, both men and women are into this global mess, and study has shown that this has caused break in up to 65% of relationship globally as at present. We will discuss this in full later as a one topic.
  3. Dishonesty and unfaithfulness—I have talked about this several time, and it can never be overemphasized because these two words are the major common key enemies of every healthy, strong and successful relationship. A relationship that involves these two things can never last long. Therefore, for a relationship to be strong and healthy and successful, partners should endeavor to get rid of these two things in their relationship at all cost.
  4. Dishonor and disrespect—These also are another great enemies of relationship. A relationship where partners deal with each other in dishonor and disrespect can never stand. When partners dishonor and disrespect each other’s relationship, it means they both fail to acknowledge and value the purpose for which they both come together to exist together to be life partners and one forever.
  5. Selfishness—Selfishness in relationship always kills the spirit of love between both partners.
  6. Constant misunderstanding—There is no way there won’t be misunderstanding in relationship, but it shouldn’t be too much and constant. When the level of misunderstanding between partners gets higher more than one they both can control, then separation is very around to takeover the relationship. There will be misunderstanding, but it shouldn’t be too much that partners won’t be able to control it. To build a strong relationship, partners must have capacity to control their misunderstanding when it comes. They must give a close study to what the cause may be and how to overcome it.


You must understand how to build healthy relationship, enemies/killers of relationship, and you must get rid of those things that can quickly kill your relationship without remedy before you can succeed in your relationship. As those things discussed above have capacity and potential to bring relationship to a sudden end, so they have solution. The only solution to them is to get rid of them and learn how to build a healthy strong relationship and apply those factors for building healthy relationship in your relationship journey.