Sex during dating period
Avoid sex during dating period . This is premarital sex!

I am focusing this post majorly on women because I have studied and observed that women are the major victims of the negative effects of having sex during first date or before marriage, but little is that of men, though, they too are affected. And, I am I going to tell you three reasons you should not have sex, perhaps, during (during dating) your first date, during courtship or before marriage.

Should You Have Sex During Your First Date

Yeah, I know this question is highly controversial and logical but very important, as it will greatly help those youths who always think.and and believe that, perhaps, having sex during first date or before marriage is a great way to keep their relationship strong and alive, but who are an excellent ignorant regarding what it costs to build a strong, healthy, productive and lasting long relationship. For years now, I have been coming across many people, youths in particular, asking this particular question, “whether it is good, right and proper to have sex during first date”. Well, I am going to tell you that it’s it’s a capital NO for you to engage in sex either during your first date or after your first date or anytime before marriage.

But before moving further to tell you in detail why it’s not good to have sex during your first date, before giving my verdict on this, I just consider it fit and proper to give a short and brief definition of what dating means, though I know you know what it means better than I do, but notwithstanding, but for the purpose of clarity and understanding, I am going to provide its definition briefly under here.

What’s Dating?

The word dating has various meanings, which has made it very difficult to give it or arrive at a specific definition, but let’s quickly check this one out:
Dating is a stage of romantic and/or sexual relationships in humans whereby two or more people meet socially, possibly as friends or with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a partner in a more committed intimate relationship or marriage. (Wikipedia)
From the “Wikipedia and Gotquestion’s” definition above, you would understand that dating exists just for three main reasons: 1) romance, 2) sex, and 3) assessment, which means either of these three reasons could surely happen during dating between two partners during dating period. So, what does this means? It means you and l shouldn’t be surprised when sexual intercourse occur between the two partners who are on dating, either by mistake or intentionally (something is bound to happen, as temptation has no particular place to occur)

Is There Anything Bad In Dating?

Unh, the question now is, “is there anything bad in dating?” You and I need to answer this? There is no need of being silent or over-spiritual over this! To me, the answer is capital NO! Dating is normal and good for mature partners, for both Christian and non-Christian partners, any partners generally, who have ability to control their emotions and who want to assess each other’s suitability as partners. Yes, fire of emotion will surely flare up when two partners (opposite sex) come together, but their ability to put this (their emotion) under control is what maters most during dating if they don’t want any unwanted circumstances to come up against them and destroy their relationship’s journey. As it’s made clear in the above definition, It’s very important that dating period comes up between partners, so that they both would assess each other’s compatibility and suitability as partners for marriage, and thus have green light about their relationship to marry each other. But they’ve got to be very careful as temptation can take over them to do something immoral.

The 3 Reasons Explained

Should You Have Sex During Your First Date? This is capital NO. Every good relationship doesn’t put sex first. Sex is not a means to a strong and healthy relationship.

Well, I am wondering how you would feel if I tell you fact here. I know many people may not want to agree with me over this, but I am going to say the fact here. Now, what are the three major reasons for which sex shouldn’t come up between you and your partner? Under here are those reasons listed one after the other with brief explanations to save you time reading it:

  1. It Short circuits relationship—First, listen to me, you must understand that having sex either during your first date or during courtship or let me say before marriage does not solidify the relationship, but it instead quickly puts an end to it. Though, you think if you allow him to have sex with you, he will love you more. I say you are making a great mistake doing this, why?  It’s because if you allow a man to do this with you, he will only quickly become tired of you—after all, he has achieved his aim on you. Therefore, doing this can only short circuits your relationship because it has hundred percent tendency of leading to quick end of the relationship. Look at what I got on a website, “On the flip side, having sex is no guarantee that the deep emotional intimacy that everyone longs for will develop. Alice Fryling, in an article titled, “Why Wait for Sex?” writes:”Genital sex is an expression of intimacy, not the means to intimacy. True intimacy springs from verbal and emotional communion. True intimacy is built on a commitment to honesty, love and freedom. True intimacy is not primarily a sexual encounter. Intimacy, in fact, has almost nothing to do with our sex organs. A prostitute may expose her body, but her relationships are hardly intimate” . (Three Lies About Premarital Sex by Shana Schutte)
  2. It Demeans and devalues partners’ personality—It’s common among some youths to demand for sex during their first date with their partners, deceiving them into believing that it makes relationship stronger than when dating or courting without sex—this is a great error I see on the part of today’s young men and women. The fact here is that sex during first date demeans and devalues partners who engage in sex during their first date even during courtship. Most especially, it makes women partners look so cheap to men when this happen; it downgrades their personality as a woman before man. Study shows that women are found to be the most victims of this particular issue. If you are a woman, you’ve got to be careful. This is a warning to the wise.
  3. It’s against God’s will—Last but not the least! Do you know that God is completely against this. It’s against the will of the Creator, the originator of marriage. How do we describe “sex during dating?” Can you tell me? It’s called premarital sex, which the Scripture greatly go against, for it’s a great sin in the sight of God

Dating is good and proper, but sex during this dating is wrong. If any man proves to you to be your right and true life partner, but demanding for sex either during dating period or first date or during courtship, he is completely a stranger to your destiny. Avoid him quickly. Also, If it’s a woman—because some women do demand for sex from men—who is demanding for sex during this time, please quickly avoid her. She is a stranger to your destiny too. This is a wise warning.