Though, singleness is not a sin, but it may be a sin if the reason for which it occurs is not genuine, or maybe it’s just for self gratification, as most of today’s women do just because they want to please themselves or where a woman can’t stay under a man’s roof anymore, perhaps because the situation is not ok for the man or because of the first three reasons discussed here: Singleness is a sin if it occurs for the first three reasons discussed in this post, except for the number four reason discussed here: marital problem.    

Today's women single life
Today’s women are desperate to stay single, even after they have been married and had one or two children

There are many reasons for which most of Today’s women, at least 55% of them, prefer to stay single while 15-20% of them are in this state due to pure marital problem–study and interview by a journalist revealed this–even after they may have had maybe one or two children in marriage. This is a real and common fact about them, especially those women who are celebrities in both movie and music world today (entertainment world) all over the world (sorry to say). The fact there is that if you interview most of them, they will have one or two things to say (they will have a story to tell) about their decision to choose this marriage covenant breaking state, but in which 75% of the reasons given by them to choose this state may not be the major genuine reason for their decision to choose this modern world of women’s state. This l see as an error on the part of these so-called world women celebrities all over the world. This is one of the way Devil is making them to go against the divine plan of the Creator for them regarding marriage.

A Popular Journalist’s Question About This

Recently, a rational, mind-bugging question pertaining to women celebrities relationship affairs in our environment was asked by one popular journalist, an international TV and Radio presenter and reporter, the person whom I will not like his identity to be revealed for some reasons here, from a popular, worldwide-known professional woman artiste, both in the music and movie industry, who is presently a two-sided functioning actress, who has been found to be very successful, active and intelligent in her career for years as a woman with good marriage life and glorious children that “why today’s young intelligent women, both in the entertainment and non-enterttainment world today prefer to stay single, even after having one or two children because this is so common about them the world over

Answer from the questioned woman: “The woman answered and said there are so many reasons found associated with this, but one thing l will just want to say is that most of them are into this because of pride and arrogance. She spoke further and said: Though we have been speaking to and advising them (some of these women) in our organization over this, letting them know that they are the mirror the world is watching, and that by doing their work, what they love doing most is their career, they are simply teaching the world, the people in it, lessons about what is good and bad. She says these women are messengers to the world, but they should do thing that will help the world watching them, the world around them, learn a good lesson from them. These are what the woman says, just to cut it short.

Which Group Of Today’s Women Are Majorly Into This?

I know that there are many things to this that this woman didn’t want to mention or talk about maybe for some reasons or the other, but in my own view, she knows many reasons for which these women prefer staying single or being single mother, as they termed themse, after marriage.

Most of the group of women found preferring this state are majorly 65% of those in the entertainment industry and non-enterttainment today. These women believe that there is nothing bad in this type of life, and that life without marriage gives them rest and peace of mind than when under the roof of any man who would be ruling over them, giving them rules on how to live their life. Number of them who are not happy being in this state but found themselves in it just because of one or two problems are not more than those who internationally chose to be in this state purposely to gratify their desires, but capitalizing on some other fake, unsound reasons.

The 4 Reasons Explained

But notwithstanding, l am going to discuss five major reasons these women, that’s, today’s women, the celebrities women both in the entertainment (both movie and music world) and non-enterttainment world prefer to stay single for there rest of their life.

  1. Pride—Many of today’s women, most in particular, those movie and music stars/celebrities are known for this particular thing: pride; they are known for conceit, high self-esteem, onstentatious display of themselves, their beauty, their wealth and their position in the society, thereby becomes very difficult for them to obey and bow under their men’s roof. Many of them, but not all, find it very difficult to humble themselves under their husbands’ roof, and thus do find and deem it fit and the best to stay single after having one or two children—this shows the beginning of their critical error, which calls for correction. Go and check them; you will confirm my words: almost all of them are into this global mess, thinking it’s very best life to live without considering the future. Only those who are Godly, those who are God-fearing among them are still living normal life with their husbands and children in happiness and joy in the home.
  2. Lack of time and attention for the family—This is where the real problem comes from: Though, many of these women don’t have time and attention for the family because of the nature of their work: it involve traveling here and there, but even they themselves don’t worry to find solution to this because they value their work more than their home. And, you know that time and attention is one of the great factors for creating happy home, and that as woman needs men’s attention in the home, so man does. Therefore, as a result of this, this women prefer to stay single than to be burdened with the issue of the family.
  3. Discontent—Study shows that many of today’s young, young women are Discontent. Dry morsel with peace is not their watchword anymore; it’s strange to their mouth. But, a house with full of wealth and riches without peace is their topmost preference. Nothing concerns them about patience and endurance, for better for worse or till death do us part. They will tell you “they are not for that”.  They are like bird that flees when tree falls with men: they don’t want to suffer with their husband, and they believe everyday is a Christmas. They say “we don’t have time for suffering, not in this world or the world to come, and that anything goes for anything”. These women are desperate for wealthy men and money and riches; they can sleep with any man that comes their way, so far it’s gonna bring them money.
  4. Marital problem—Though, all those reasons above are genuine reasons for which these women prefer to stay single after marriage, but study shows that there are still some of them who really want to marry, who want real happy home, husband with brilliant children, but because of marital problem they are faced with, this led them to making decision to stay single after marriage just in order to have peace. This reason is not the common reason for which 15-20% of these women prefer to stay single as many of them do capitalize on this, but it’s one of them.


As research and news has everyday been showing that the major reasons today’s women prefer to stay single, even after marriage, so  these women’s situation are becoming more worst everyday, as a result of their shameless decision because many of them where they think they will happiness is sorrow instead. Why? It’s because their decision as regarding marriage is wrong; it’s against the major reason for which they are created by the Creator; It’s against the will of the Creator. And, this l see as the problem of civilization in our sinful world today. These are the name they call themselves: single mother, single ladies, single women, and many more—all these reasons are errors from these women’s ignorance and foolishness.