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Apata Emmanuel is a Christian, a creative writer and blogger, a copywriter (freelancer), who loves writing about anything he sees adding value to life and destiny. His pastime includes reading, studying, searching and researching for vital, genuine informations that based on facts, both online and offline. He is a bookworm who loves, and who can’t miss a day feeding and engaging both his brain and mind with some vital, invaluable informations abstracted from the right sources. Rock is a composite of disparate knowledge, qualities and experiences, a fellow of high philosophy and principle, who believes that there’s nothing you can’t know or do (though it may be difficult) if you prepare for it, and give yourself wholly to it. One of his popular and common sayings is, ‘anything invaluable is worth traveling a thousand mile to get, but knowledge is worth more than traveling ten thousands miles to get’—Knowledge is a costly grail of self-esteem; it’s a wisdom for healthy lifestyle! One of the most wonderful things about him is that he is an egalitarian person who treats everyone found around him with egalite. Grateful for the amazing people that surround him and who have been composite of his best part in life


Knowledge is your ability to gather facts; Understanding is your ability to know the facts gathered while Wisdom is your ability to apply the facts gathered and knew. In all thy getting, get wisdom!

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