Quit job
Do you really want to quit your job?

Do you really want to quit your job? Then why? What are the reasons? Know for sure that your job is your life! Therefore, don’t make a mistake or rash decision to put your life on the line. Ok, do you really want to do this? As you know, you must not do this without having some things put into consideration, first. That’s said, then what should you put into consideration to avoid regret and costly mistake doing this in your life? I know…sometimes we don’t want to do this, but, most of the times, conditions/situations get us warranted to decide doing this, even when we know it’s not easy! Therefore, let’s quickly see what to consider—#3 things to consider out of many—before penning a resignation letter to your boss/employer.


  1. Merits—Does your job have merits? This is number one thing you should put into consideration! Why? It’s because the merits you get in your job may not gotten in any other place in the world. Yes! This is a fact! Don’t be surprise. Opportunity comes but once! Also, think of this as well: Maybe your boss doesn’t worry giving you a great amount of time that no boss can give you anywhere in the world. You need to really to find out what’s important to you and measure them against what’s giving you frustration in that same work job. Then, having done this, be clear maybe quitting would be the best and right decision for you. Above all, make sure you measure the favourable and unfavourable situations/conditions before you pen a resignation letter.
  2. Time value—Does the job have time value? Does it give you some space of time to have some other things valuable to your life and family done? Does it create time for you to concentrate on your family? All these things are good to put into consideration. If the job doesn’t allow you this, then you can sit down and make decision to quit the job.
  3. Frustration—Is any area of the job giving you frustration? Or, in other words, are you experiencing frustration in any area of the job? Fine! Figuring out why this is happening is good before taking any decision. You can get your boss/employer noticed concerning this, maybe, he or she can get the situation tweaked for you. If no solution is provided, then take the necessary step.


Having good consideration in place before getting your job quitted,  it’s a good step to take for you to avoid making a costly mistake in life. Think before you do!