Best WordPress Backup Plugin


Best WordPress backup plugin

As per this topic, I am going to tell you fact here because I believe that only serious webmasters will take this topic serious, as it is very important in building professional and secure website against hackers. My philosophy about building a professional and secure website or let me say wordpress site—because wordress is my favorite platform for now—is: “every professional webmaster must look for the professional material to come out the best out of the crowd and to secure his site against unforeseen disastrous circumstances that may occur. That’s it.

As beginners often get confused when trying to pick the best WordPress backup plugins amongst so many that are available, I am going to recommend to you just one of the best backup plugins that’s very reliable and effective in this post, so that your confusion disappear, and you can have rest of mind.
As a blogger, I have found out that Creating regular WordPress backups of your site because it gives you rest of mind that your site is saved against disastrous situations that results as a result of hacking or you accidentally locked . Major   happiness now is that there are several free and paid backup plugins for WordPress.

This is found to be the most popular premium WordPress backup plugin online for now, why? It’s because It easily allows you to easily schedule daily, weekly, or monthly backups. It also has the ability to automatically store your backups in Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, Stash (their cloud service), and even email it to yourself  in just a few minutes without any sort of stress.

For duplication, migration and restoration of your site, you can esily make use of this plugin (BackupBuddy) . If you use their Stash service, then you also have the ability to do real-time backups. The biggest advantage of using BACKBUDDY is that it is not a subscription based service, so there is no monthly fee. You can use the plugin on the number of sites mentioned in your plan. You also get access to premium support forums, regular updates, and 1GB of cloud storage to store your backups. 

Finally,  for now if I would recommend any backup plugin, I will prefer recommending this, for it’s high degree of reliability. Go for this; it’s reliable!