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Don’t think of this post as off topic because it’s part of what you and I are supposed to know. It’s part of today’s women’s life, marriage and relationship mater. So stop thinking of it as off topic.

NOTE: This post is not created to abuse those celebrity women  in our enevironment or disparage them, but it’s just created to point out the cause of these great women’s difficulty in getting married In order for those of them who would listen to the points made here to make amend.

FACT: As a golden head is useless without a crown to cover it, and as a decorated, well-arrayed body is useless without head to identify it, so is a celebrity woman or any woman without a man to make her complete

celebrity women
Real and wise celebrity woman knows the importance of having a good man beside her and a good marriage record in her life career.

Driving Force Behind This Post: Today’s Celebrity Women’s Difficulty In Getting Married

It’s my great joy and pleasure to really bring this particular post to existence, so that this site’s loyal readers will profoundly have good and real user’s experience reading it. My concern about this particular post in question is just about the way today’s women (;especially those women who are celebrities, who have made their mark, who have hit the target in their life career in our world, both in the music and drama world of entertainment) are having great difficulty finding whom (men) to marry, to have their whole life shared with, which I see, basically, as a result of four major things happening in their life journey as a result of ignorance, which I am going to discuss here. Though some people think a post like this is off topic due to the description given to this site in the “welcome and about page” but the fact here about this blog site is that it’s more than what you think it’s; though, truly and basically, this site based on three major subjects: relationship, marriage and home, but do you know if you think deeply, this topic is major part of the existence of this site, which discusses what is happening to each and every one of us in our life journey daily, here on the earth’s surface. So, please don’t think it’s off topic at all: it’s on and in topic, so to say (sorry to say. Don’t mind my grammar here, okay?)

Men Are Running Away

Why men are running away from these women? Before I proceed, it’s revealed clearly to me from the research I have done about this that 65% of today’s men are speedily running away from getting married to celebrity women in our world today, giving various complaints about these women and expressing their clear reasons why they are doing this, which I am definitely going to explain later in this same post. Just keep reading. Don’t be in a hurry. And before explaining the reasons for this, let me ask you this question, and if you say yes, let me see your reason:

A Brief Interview With A Celebrity Woman

When she was asked “why some women; especially those celebrities in the entertainment industry are having problem marrying”, she said “you see, it’s true we women in the entertainment industry are known for having marital issue, but it has reasons, and these reasons have to be looked into and gotten corrected before this issue becomes something common and uncontrollable in the world of women celebrities the world over”. She spoke further and said “Yes, it’s true that we are finding it difficult to find men to get married to, but mind you, not every one of us. But, some of us are in this problem because of the nature of our work and some other things I will not have to mention here for some purposes, and just let me stop here”.

Can you see those responses above? What are the other reasons she’s unable to speak about? You must understand that she had many to say, but just for a reason which is only known to her she couldn’t speak any further. Now, let’s ask ourselves: should these women or any woman ever have any atom of problem in finding men to get married to because they are a celebrity, or because they have money, or because they are wealthy or rich, or because of the nature of their business? I think not so! But the fact here is that from study, 75% of these women, both in entertainment industry/sector and non-entertainment sector and women in political sector are currently having this big marital problem, which is supposed not to be so.

Do we ever ask ourselves why these women’s situation is so like this in order to proffer solution to this? Do we ask what’s the cause? No, we don’t do this, but instead, we go about making news and gist about them, and this I see as a great mistake on the part of you and me; especially on the part of those news makers and entertainment’s news and gist presenters because there is nothing happens without reason/cause and solution because I see this as a reproach on the part of these women, which needs yours and mine attention for solution, but not making news around the world.

The Three Reasons Explained

Under here are the major three reasons today’s women always find it very difficult to find a man to get married to with full explanation one after the other:

  1. Ignorance—Ignorance is a darkness state of man’s mind which must be completely removed before he can see a reason (light) for his purpose of existence in this world. What I see is that if these women know that a real success, fortune and blessing always comes or begins from having good marital life, they wouldn’t have neglecting getting wisdom for getting married. This (marriage) should be the first pursuit of every reasonable, responsible woman in life, which should be given priority among any other pursuits in their life before any other success follows. But for today’s women, they are completely ignorant about this truth. But, instead, they leave their marital issue (marriage) behind, forgotten that the glory of every woman begins from having a good man beside her, being under a good man’s roof, who would be giving her a good sense of direction in life. A good celebrity is known and characterized by having good husband, children and good business and successful career in life.
  2. Lack of time, care and attentionThese women lack care, attention and time for men that come their way, why? They always complain and capitalize on the nature of their job, and no man ever wants to marry woman who will not have time for him and his  children; they love their job more than marrying, more than settling with man, forgetting that success, respect and honour for every woman begins from having a settled home and meaningful marital life. They love giving their whole time and attention to their job than to having good marriage and family because most of them believe in “work first, and marriage later”, which is a complete wrong life order—his is like putting a cart before the horse. It’s a sorry case and highly disappointing that many of these women, as highly educated as they are, they fail to know this fact, this reality that the real a successful celebrity begins his or her journey of success from marriage—the real celebrity begins from having good marriage record/report. I am even surprised that those who surround them are blind to know this fact. Any woman who lacks attention, care and time for the family, or woman who refuses, or rather I say woman who finds it difficult to stay under a man’s roof just because of becoming something in her life’s career lacks sense and are ignorant of what we call real celebrity. Some of these women, if you ask them, they always complain about the nature of their work and seriously capitalizing on it. The question here is that must they love and care for their job than getting married or than marriage—this reveals their ignorance and foolishness. This is the core complaints of today’s men over these women, which is a complete insanity and ignorance on the part of these women. These women are truly agile, ambitious and love to work, which is a good habit, but they handle this in a complete wrong way. Why should these women continue to be and behave like an educated-fool. They have to amend.
  3. Pride—Research shows that 45% of these women are full of pride just because of the position they find themselves, the money they have and all their possessions. They therefore find it very difficult to bow themselves under any man that comes their way, thus men decided to have them used and leave them after they’ve gotten what they want because they know that getting married to these women will never yield them any good result but only trouble in the end. Do you ever know that a woman that doesn’t know how to say sorry under a man’s roof will stay under that man’s roof. These women always think why should man control and rule them after all they have everything needed to take care of themselves, so they always find it very difficult to humble themselves under any man


To finalize everything, I see no honour in being a celebrity without good marriage record. Any woman, either you are a celebrity or not, both in entertainment industry or non-entertainment industry, who finds it difficult to be under a man’s roof maybe due to the three points discussed above needs orientation to have her way corrected because what’s the essence of body without head, head without crown? It’s nothing; but it’s without honour and respect. Therefore, nothing, no job or career should hinder you—as a woman—to find a man to settle with, to rule over you, as without this, you and “your success is not complete”—this is what the Bible says.