Divorce is completely out of God’s will for human beings. It’s the number enemy of marriage covenant between man and woman.

This post basically discusses the three reasons for which divorce is allowed in marriage and explains vividly the fact that divorce is a loss of dominion that God gave to children of man in the garden of Eden, from the beginning of creation in the book Genesis.

Scripture: Mathew 19: 9 And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except [it be] for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery (kjv)

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 7: 15 But if the unbelieving depart, let him depart. A brother or a sister is not under bondage in such [cases]: but God hath called us to peace (kjv)

What Is Divorce?

  • To simply put, divorce is the termination of marriage covenant between man and woman who have been bound together as one and as husband and wife for life.
  • Divorce is not just an ordinary or a mere word of separation, but it’s a means by which the devil takes to destroy God’s divine arrangement/covenant for humanity, as regards marriage between man and woman, just in order to put their marriage in bondage and break their marital covenant. It’s completely the Devil’s will and plan against the will and plan of the Creator for marriage.

Divorce Is Not In God’s Plan For Marriage

First, talking about the word “divorce or grounds for divorce or separation”, the Scripture revealed reasons and the basic ground for which it could occur between husband and wife, and the normal legal steps (like filing a letter of divorce by going to court) they (the intending separating couple) should take before reaching final agreement for their decision over it. It’s confirmed in this same Scripture that, from the beginning of creation of marriage (as a covenant between man and woman), divorce has never been found in the plan of the Creator for for marriage at all, as it has been seen, exposed and understood to be as one of the basic ways of destroying the divine wish, will, plan and covenant of the living God for human beings, hence the word of Jesus “…So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let no man put asunder” (Matthew 19: 8).

Divorce Is A Loss Of Man’s Marriage Dominion And Destiny

Now, as briefly mentioned in the above paragraph that divorce is not in God’s plan for marriage, the question you should now ask yourself is: why then did Jesus and apostle Paul allowed it in marriage in their teachings, and on what ground should it take place? Divorce is a total loss of marriage dominion! How? It’s clearly understood that marriage is created for man to have dominion; that’s, to have a life of freedom, life of comfort, peace and happiness, to rule and dominate and to flourish and multiply to fill the surface of the earth. It’s created to live a slave-free perfect life. It’s created that the covenant of multiplication (blessings) God made for man should come to pass. It’s is a God’s way of getting a complete perfect freedom for man in the garden of Eden, so that he could live a destiny fulfilled life of pure comfort. Therefore, it’s on this particular reason (marriage dominion) that Satan has, in his destructive plan from the beginning of creation, desperately determined to destroy marriage covenant between man and woman so that the fulfillment of destiny, living a life of freedom (that’s, life of dominion), life of peace, life of comfort, life of joy and life of happiness could become very difficult for the children of man to achieve. God created marriage as a means designed with covenant for man and woman, as husband and wife, to fulfill their destiny and to rule and control their world. But when separation (divorce) sets in between them, then the loss of dominion comes to existence, and hence the loss of God’s divine plan for man.

Why Satan Wants Your Marriage?

Every human being must know and understand the reason why Satan wants his or her marriage, as this will help them get prepared always to fight Satan and his cohorts over it. From the very day God established marriage covenant between man and woman in the garden, Satan has been looking for the way to destroy it because he knows the main reason God has done this for man—God wants a life of peace, comfort and perfect freedom for man, but Satan wants the opposite. God, in his plan, wants to give the children of man perfect life of rest, but Satan hates this, and thus, he is always keeping his eyes on the man and his state from the garden of Eden in order to make his aim a reality over him.  He knows that God hates divorce and that he only has zero tolerance for it to happen in marriage, but he wants man to go contrary to the will and plan of God, and thereby puts man in his bondage .

The Three Grounds For Divorce

Beginning from the answer of Jesus to Pharisees as they made reference to the commandment of Moses regarding divorce: “why did Moses commanded the people of Israel to give a letter of divorce whenever they intended to put their wife away?” Jesus answered and said, “this is because of the hardness of your heart“, and he made them understand it was not like this from the beginning, but because of the hardness of your heart the situation turned to this. And apostle Paul also add his own by explaining to the Corinthians In 1 Corinthians chapter 7: 2. Jesus and Paul showed them the first ground for divorce, which is fornication. And Paul added further in 1 Corinthians 7: 15 another reason which is based on religion differences.

Though there are only two major Biblical reasons for divorce: fornication and religion differences, but I say there is other one reason for a partner to file a letter of divorce in marriage if the situation warrants it, and if the situation is not going to be well between them, which the marriage counselors don’t ever talk about, but which has been causing a lot trouble in marriage today. Let me quickly explain all there reasons for divorce in marriage under here one after other. Though I have created a separate post about this, but just wish to repeat it for some particular reasons under here one after the other in a clear manner:

  1. Fornication—fornication, as one major reason for divorce in marriage, has no replacement as the first Biblical reason for divorce at all. It’s the major Biblical reason upon which divorce should take place between husband and wife in marriage. Whatever definition one might be able to give to it, nothing can replace it as the main indisputable reason for divorce.  Either you refer to it as adultery, infidelity, extramarital affair, or whatever. Fornication is fornication. And there is no replacement for it.
  2. Religion differences—religion differences that occurs between husband and wife as a result of their inability to accept or tolerate each other’s religion’ differences in marriage. There are some couples who find it difficult to live together in peace since they have married only because one partner refuses to take the other’s religion, and thus rises continuous trouble between them both day and night. In a situation like this, this couple are best advised to separate if peace wouldn’t rain between them. They should separate to allow peace. This is what apostle Paul says in 1 Corinthians 7: 15.
  3. The unnatural deadly cause—the unnatural deadly event that’s not from the living God himself, but that which occurs as a result of one partner’s wickedness and evil intentions, activities and behaviors intended against the other partner, perhaps purposely because of money (sudden riches) or other mundane things that results from lustful or wicked desires, which definitely can lead to the a sudden, unwanted and unnatural death of the other partner. If a situation like this occurred between husband and wife, the affected innocent partner who is found a victim of this other partner’s wickedness and evil behavior is therefore highly advised to quickly file a letter of divorce against such a devilish, wicked partner, who has been blindfolded by the Devil as a result of the lustful desires of the mundane, fleeting, temporal things of this world we are in. This is a wise step to take for a wise partner to run for escape for his or her dear life, and so far the innocent partner has to run for his or her dear life there no sin committed by the innocent partner in this situation. We don’t have to be ignorant, though in the Scripture we commonly say: “for better for worse; till death do us part”, but I say these statements do not and cannot work in this particular situation in marriage!  When we say, “till death do us part”, do we ever ask ourselves the kind of death we are ever referring to here? I don’t think so! Do we ever ask what kind of death?  Is it the death that comes from God when it’s time (the natural death from God)? Or, is it the kind of death that comes as a result of one partner’s wickedness because of evil desires that fill the heart of man (the unnatural sudden death that does not come from God)? The Bible says, “people perish because they lack knowledge”. If this kind of separation happened between husband and wife as a result one partner’s wicked act, though they may come back for resolution latter, but the resolution will and must be on the point that the guilty partner has really come back to his or her senses, and has genuinely had repentance of sin in heart, which must be clearly seen in him or her—his or her lifestyle—that repentance has taken place. If not so, in a situation like this, divorce must take its ground between them. Even if they want to come back for resolution latter after separation maybe for a while, the guilty partner must be put under close study to find out if there is really true changes in him or her.


Though, I know that marriage is for better for better for worse and till death do us part, but I say what type of death are we talking about?  Is it natural or unnatural death? Is it the sudden death that occurs as a result of evil attempt of one partner against the other. I don’t dispute the fact that marriage is for better for worse, but when marriage is going to lead to unnatural death for a partner, and the situation is not seeming to be changed, then something has to be done fast to save the life of the affected partner from danger of losing his or her life. How can this be done? We must use wisdom by calling for a quick separation between the husband and wife in this situation, so that life could be saved from unnecessary and unnatural sudden death. Though if the wicked partner repent, the situation can be brought back to normalcy, but if the situation is getting more worse and hot between them, the situation is called for quick separation before the situation gets out of control. Therefore, those three reasons discussed above are the major reasons for which there should be divorce in marriage, and no other reason accepted. They are indisputable. The Bible says, my people perish because they lack knowledge.