Marriage foundation is the soul of marital success.

To build a strong marriage foundation structure, there must be some solid building-blocks readily available. Couples must be familiar to these building-blocks and know how to come about the building their marriage foundation to sustain the marriage structure built on it against marital winds and storms that tend to beat against it.

It’s clear that there are stages in the process of marriage, and these stages are all important for marital success. Marriage foundation has been confirmed to be the first basic stage and also one of the most important stages ever so found to be contributing greatly to success in marriage. And much work has to be done to succeed at this stage.  It’s a stage to which much attention has to be given by every couple who truly desires to be maritally successful from the beginning of their marriage journey to the end; it’s the basic background of marriage (a bedrock on which marriage structure itself stands), which has great impact on it. Failure to be successful at this stage is highly detrimental to the health and success of the marriage structure, which can definitely lead to a woeful failure and lasting sorrow in the end.

What Is Marriage Foundation?

Marriage foundation is a solid, strong and fundamental supporting foundation structure built with solid vital building-blocks, a bedrock upon which marriage structure itself stands for sustainability.

It’s those vitally concrete ideas, principles or facts that provide strong support for marriage to be firmly established.

Marriage Foundation Building-blocks

It’s the guiding principles, truths, facts, ideas or factors providing essential foundational support for marriage, upon which the marriage structure itself is built and established.

Every good, solid and effective marriage foundation structure involves the vital factors, building-blocks that can support marriage structure and drive it to a meaningful haven successfully. In the same vein, every marriage that will be successful needs to be strongly supported by this good and strong marriage foundation structure, because foundation is to marriage as the blood is to the body of human beings, which means no marriage can survive without it. This (building marriage foundation) is the first basic mutual duty of every wise couples who want to have joy, happiness, peace and high security against storms in their marital journey. Marital success begins immediately couples are able to understand that there is a great need for them to build a strong foundation for their marriage and seek for the ways to make this possible.

Two Types Of Marriage Foundation

  1. Strong marriage foundation–Jesus, in the Scripture explained this type of foundation and likened it to a kind which has ability to withstand torrent (windy and stormy situation). This type of foundation is what every couple required and advised to strive to build, and this must be done at the beginning of marriage, not when marriage is fully entered into.
  2. Weak marriage foundation–Jesus, in the same chapter of the Bible explained further this type of foundation as that which lacks strength and ability to withstand torrent (windy and stormy situation). Thus, couples are strictly warned against this type of foundation as it’s  highly harmful to the health and success of their marriage. And, the fact here is that wind is sure to blow against marriage, but the only way to overcome it is by building a strong marriage foundation against it.

#6 Basic Building-blocks Explained

  1. The word of God–If you are not a Christian believer, you may probably not understand this basic truth, but the fact here is that there is no amount of advice/counseling, ideas, or whatever in the absence of God’s word can give you lasting, strong, effective and productive marriage foundation–though, human’s wisdom may seem effective, but it can only be temporarily effective; it can give  flashing success in marriage. For every marriage that will succeed, its foundation must be built in divine wisdom which is the word of God.
  2. Prayer–Build your foundation in and with prayer. When your marriage foundation is out of prayer or is built without prayer, then it’s out of success.You must definitely know this. Prayer has been confirmed to be one of the greatest tool to engender success in both marriage and its foundation.
  3. Love–Build your marriage foundation in and on love, the powerful tool in the hand of marriage partners to achieve unspeakable, unbeatable success in marriage. It’s the vital major factor upon which all other factors for building successful marriage foundation anchored. Every foundation built in and on love will definitely enjoy what we lasting success.
  4. Faithfulness–This is another required strong building-blocks for marriage foundation. When marriage foundation is built with faithfulness, success in marriage itself can’t be delayed. Couples should learn to build their marriage foundation with faithfulness as this will surely help them have quick unhinderable marital success.
  5. Honesty–Honesty, they say, “the best policy”. Yes, this indisputable truth when it comes to the issue of marriage. Marriage foundation must be built with honesty at all cost by marriage partners if truly they desire best result in marriage endeavour in life. Any marriage foundation that lacks honesty will and can never stand the test of time.
  6. Fear of God–This is not commonly mentioned in the issue of building marriage foundation, but it highly required in order to have peaceful marriage and home. When marriage foundation is built in the fear of God, such a foundation will never be moved or slacken. How? The Bible says the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, which means it’s the foundation of wisdom. Now it shows clearly that when a marriage foundation is built with fear of God, it’s mean it’s built on divine wisdom which can’t be moved by any kinds of winds or storms.


To have success in marriage (you need strong foundation structure, you need strong building-blocks, you need basic vital marriage foundation factors) doesn’t just happen, but it happens based on some vital supporting and helping information, which start by having information about building marriage foundation, as it’s clear that marital success begins from laying a solid marriage foundation. The fact Is that any mistake made here could destroy everything about marriage because once the foundation is built and the structure is placed on it you can’t go back to rebuild it, unless you pull down the whole structure on it from the roof to the base and begin again.