Only God knows the best place for you to have joy and happiness maritaly: you may marry from anywhere and have joy and make heaven. But, the best thing is to let God guide and direct your path in this! The ways of God nobody knows!

I have seen some partners with different religion belief who are living healthy, successful and happy married life with good children through love and understanding. But, so I have seen some couples with different religion belief who have no happiness and peace for a moment in their life because of their religion belief’ differences. Now, if the case of couples with different religion belief in marriage would be ending in a situation like this, therefore, the best way seen to avoid this problem in marriage is that partners with the same religion belief should be marrying each other and let those with different religion belief find their group: Let Christian partner marry Christian partner; Let Muslim partner marry Muslim partner; and Let traditionalist marry traditionalist, and so on so forth if this way love and unity would reign in our environment and community as well. Four things discussed here are discussed to promote peace, love and unity, but if it won’t work for partners with different religion belief, each partner should therefore marry from his or her religion group and thereby stay in peace.

Now, the question is if you leave your partner because of religion belief’s differences, will you remain unmarried for life? I don’t think so! Why this question? It’s because Jesus said in Mathew 19: 9″and I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for fornication, and marries another commits adultery”.  Therefore, this calls for serious reasoning. Then, think before you do! Think before you say I do! Think before you say yes! Don’t make a costly mistake! Because once you are into it, it won’t be easy  to be out of it. See this post here #35 reasons you must not get married

Religion belief's differences
Let love reigns in your environment; promote peace and progress

Talking about religion belief differences in marriage, deep attention is really needed to this because this is another highly controversial divorce-causing marriage problem that has been causing a lot of trouble in marriage among couples. Research recently shows that 45% of marriages have been confirmed to be under the cracking-bone threat of this particular problem; meanwhile, 25% have already been confirmed completely affected (separated) by this. Marriage counselors also confirmed that the most common case they are settling everyday as at present among couples is the case related to this problem. Now, the rational question to be asked here by you and I is what’s “the rationale (important reason) behind this problem and how can it be wisely tackled/handled for unity and oneness to have place in marriage where there is religion belief’s differences problem?”

Causes Of This Problem

Lack of proper consideration and counseling and entering into marriage irrationally based on infatuation but not true love, and lack of understanding, deep love and tolerance have been discovered to be the major causes of religion belief’s differences in marriage.

One thing I know is that, personally for me, this problem shouldn’t be happening in marriage if some things that are, at first, needed to be put into consideration by couples are wisely put into consideration before making a decision of entering into marriage. And, if what the word called marriage means is really understood by these couples who have already been victims of this particular problem, I am telling you religion differences won’t be problem for them at all. And, I strongly believe that you both see yourself before you enter into the marriage and there is deeply consensual agreement between both of you regard loss of your religion belief’s differences: Both of you see and know your religion in the beginning and agree to marry each other regardless of your religion differences, but based on “you love me and I love you, too, and nothing can separate our love, etc”. But, what now happen after both of you get married? Who is at fault? Is it you or your wife? Why don’t you think before you made such a decision to enter into marriage—do you forget that it’s a life contract without returning? This is why counseling is highly recommended before and after marriage and do a proper consideration. Go for counseling! Take right, good and best steps into your marriage to achieve the best of it! I thought I am not preaching here, but is like I am becoming emotional! Why? It’s because I know how it is to be having problem in marriage, though, to be factual, I don’t have problem in mine, for I allowed God to really take control and prayed for a year before I met my wife, but I am just trying to show how I feel when I see or hear that a marriage is void of happiness and joy, which are the major for marriage.

How To Get It Handled?

Though, both of you have married based on your religion different background, what are you going to do? How are you going into to handle this? See under here.

Getting this handled (solved) is not as difficult as you think; It’s just a matter of saying reality, and no perambulating. Let me tell you there are some truth that when you say it, it can really generate arguments, but so far it can create a solution to the problem under discussion, the arguments need no consideration at all. Let’s go to the real discussion. Under here four major factors needed to tackle/solve religion belief’s differences in marriage:

At first, there must be love, understanding and tolerance between a couple, and if these three factors don’t work, then separation should be next thing (this is just a summary of what I am going to discuss in deep under here).

  1. Love—The songs of Solomon says “8:7 many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot sweep it away. If one were to give all the wealth of one’s house for love, it would be utterly scorned”. Uh, imagine these words! This verse has finished everything for the wise couples. What does the wise man, Mr. Solomon, mean by those words? Though, winds like religion belief’ differences and any other kinds of troubles will surely rise in/against marriage, but with presence of true, unfeigned love, the marriage will stand the test of it. Floods and waters represent troubles of any form of which religion differences is major one, and the solution to it is perfect, undiluted, unfeigned and true pure love between couple.
  2. Understanding—Understanding, the indispensable factor for having a healthy, perfect, solid and strong marriage relationship: And, to drive away any form of differences that tends to bring trouble and separation between couple, good understanding is needed between them . When there is deep understanding between a couple, religion differences won’t have power over their marriage; it won’t be a barrier for them to enjoy their marriage life, though religion may not be the same, but it will help them to tackle it. It helps couples to see what marriage really means and involves and helps them to be and see themselves as one as the Scripture says.
  3. Tolerance—Married partners’ ability to accept each other’s differences makes marriage relationship great and strong and prevents misunderstanding between them. When there is willingness to tolerate each other’s differences of any kind in pure love and deep understanding there won’t be room for problem of religion differences.
  4. Separation—This is the best option if those three keys above won’t work for them. They should separately. This is best option for them if they both can’t cope with each other anymore because of the problem faced with due to their religion differences, if they can’t continue their marital journey, if one party won’t listen and accept the other party’s religion, they are best advised to result it in separation. See this Bible verse so that you won’t say what’s this and what is he saying. I have made my search and findings before I give this option: But if the husband or wife who isn’t a Christian insists on leaving, let them go. In such cases the Christian husband or wife is not required to stay with them, for God wants his children to live in peace (1 Corinthians 7: 15). In a case like this, the unbelieving husband or wife have an option to separate for their own peace and children.


The best way to avoid religion belief’s differences’ problem in marriage is for partners with the same religion belief marry each other. Let Christian partner marry Christian partner. Let Muslim partner marry Muslim partner. Let traditionalist marry traditionalist, and so on so forth if this way love and unity would reign in our environment. Those things discussed are discussed to promote peace, love and unity, but if it will generate chaos in the family and environment, let each partner marry from his or her religion and stay in peace.