Women’s world is a world of power, full of vitality and respect, full of glory and honour. Men’s world wouldn’t be something without women. Why these women, the life givers, should now become a destructive instrument in the hand of evil promoters and musicians? I say no to this! I vote against this! World of women should not be silent about this! Good women in power and authority, this is your right and time to act over this. Don’t be silent because for how long will these shameless women, black sheep of the family of women, continue defacing the beauty’s eyes of all glorious women in the world?

Nude dress has now become a fashion in vogue attracting award, and it’s a new hottest way today’s women have adopted to attract today’s men to themselves. It’s now a center of attention for big TV programs/shows and award-giving companies to promote these shameful women in some way for some hidden reasons solely know to them

Previously, I have written about #4 costly wrong reasons today’s women fall for men they don’t really love and thus become completely hooked. Now, this is another case of some women who have deeply dedicated their life to be defacing the beautiful face of the world of women, those who are shameless and fond of nude dress in our world today—these women are mostly found in the entertainment industry, both music and film industries, and many of them are found to be the celebrities who have hit their target in the industry.

Today’s women are ignorant of what is called a woman. Some of them, thinking they are wise, educated, sophisticated, intelligent, civilized and exceptionally good, but meanwhile they are exceptionally ignorant and blind for the fact that they failed—to positively acknowledge and embrace the beauty of being a woman—to know and understand the meaning of the word “woman”. They know nothing because they forgot the value of woman and her worth, and thus expose their body to the world to see. They dress nudely because they are ignorant to knowing what nudity means. In brief, nudity means unadorned and inglorious, which means “nothing”. You must now know that this is how Satan describes them in his kingdom (in the kingdom of darkness), but they are ignorantly blindfolded. I am not preaching but saying the fact here.

A woman who dresses to open her sensitive parts in the public merely explodes the sexual urge of miscreants to her harm 

The Most Victims Of This Shameless Dressing Idea—Nudity

I always wonder how some of women musicians and film actresses who are celebrities in the entertainment world—are fond of this—always display themselves nakedly to the view of the whole world (especially when they are invited to be given an award or to perform on stage), just for the sake of getting the world entertained and to be spoken great of by people around them. What a disappointment! I don’t know why the entertainment world (most especially the hip-hop music and film producing industries) has now become the major source of corruption to the soul and mind of human beings today, claiming they are feeding the souls of humanity with music and are making the world happy through it, but instead, they are hitching the soul of man to hell by this. Don’t get me wrong over this because I am not against the music or film/movie entertainment industry, or neither did I say they are bad, not at all. But I am just trying to talk about the downside of their work (what they are doing that shows the bad side of their work)—l mean women nude dress idea that has penetrated the women’s world of fashion and the most biggest popular TV shows the world over today.

Nudity Now Becomes Fashion In Vogue!

What a surprise, the world has become ruined and we are happy, dinning and winning! We are already at the last stage of the world, and error has become the hottest trending trade among today’s women, which they fully engage themselves in. We are now in the world where almost every women (most especially, celebrities women musicians and film actresses who have made it big and hit the target in their life career) have turned themselves to a shameless ghost without a place to hide, making themselves crazy by walking nakedly to show the most sensitive parts of their body. Study has revealed that these women through their reckless inglorious way of dressing have contributed greatly to the problem of sexual harassment (sexual assault) that has gained ground around the glob today. It’s a sorry case for these women that they are ignorant of who we called a woman. Thinking they are wise, educated, sophisticated, intelligent, civilized, but while they are exceptionally extraordinarily fool and ignorant. To say the fact here, only a shameless woman would prefer to dress to open her sensitive parts just to become somebody and attain lofty position in life.

The Seven Reasons Discussed

The causes are discussed one after the other under here explicitly:

  1. Attraction—The first reason these women love to dress nakedly is to appear very attractive to men and people around them as well. Mostly, they want to make men feel the taste of their glorious beauty by exposing the body’s sensitive parts, so they can automatically and uncontrollably fall in love with them. They are doing this to make men have a wild chase after them. They want to be looking irresistibly attractive to every man that comes their way with their body exposed to the world, believing that this can only be possible by dressing nakedly, but instead causing the miscreants’ sexual urge explode to their harm.
  2. Evil fashion designers—Evil designers are the direct major promoters of this particular dress. They design this type of dress and make it available to those women celebrities to advertise and promote it for them to get the public awareness.
  3. Ignorance—Ignorance, they say, “is a disease”. Yes, this is a pure and true saying because when you are ignorance, it’s possible to be doing some wrong things and think you are doing good, meanwhile it’s wrong. This is what’s happening to these women. They are ignorant of what the word “woman” means and what makes woman a woman. What makes woman a woman makes her totally different from man. And, these differences are their glory which can never be achieved by man. And, these differences are what men are looking for in them because it’s useful and important to make them complete.  They say, “the glory of a woman is her beauty, but to me, I say the glory of a woman composes of 1. Virtue, and 2. Those sensitive parts of her body which make her a real woman, and which shouldn’t be treated anyhow or exposed to the world except to her husband. But ignorantly and unfortunately, these women are totally blind and completely ignorant of their virtues and worth as a woman, and thus making them unconscious to the reality of who they are and their environment as a woman. It’s now clear that these women don’t know the meaning of nudity.
  4. Shamelessness—These women, calling themselves star, celebrity, exquisite, who truly are celebrity, but who are stars of doom—they are agents of doom. Critically looking at them, you would notice one thing in them, though facially…they are just facially beautiful, but inwardly dirty and shameless, still seeing themselves as adorned but completely unadorned and inglorious and trash: this is the meaning of nudity (unadorned or inglorious or ungraceful). You know, when somebody is shameless, there is nothing he or she can’t do. They are shameless entities who have ignorantly turned nudity to something glorious and fashionable and a way of becoming somebody in life, getting money, connection and fame in this world, but who are already corrupted and completely finished. They are walking dead, who though seemed existing but already gone. They are a shame to the women world!
  5. Money—Research shows that one of the major reasons these women fall easily into this inglorious and unadorned state is money. These women want money so bad with whatever they have and with whatever it cost them without regarding how shameful it is—and this is what makes them a fool, shameless fool, forgetting that life is not like that, and that it’s more than that. These people have turned shame to glory and a way of attracting world’s attention and money making strategy.
  6. Evil promoters—There are Devil promoters, the agents of devil, in the world of music and film production now. They are themselves demonic agents sent to go into the word to get man’s mind corrupted at all cost and by any means. They are the one who urge, push, direct and control the women’s musicians and film actress, who have contract with them to dress nudely to boost their product sales. They have almost turned 75% of those celebrities women musicians and film actress to nude idol to attract people’s attention and to make money faster—they are using them negatively to achieve their aims. No wonder the world is getting worst everyday!
  7. Devil—Yes, the major brain behind these women nudity dress idea is Mr. Satan. I have extremely searched through online and offline, and I have come across a reality that this women nudity dress idea is as a result of glib doctrine skillfully and diabolically contrived by Devil himself with evil aim, which is demonically made working (effective) through his cohorts (falling angels and demons) by entering into these women, and thereby get them possessed just in order to make his deadly scheme over human beings a reality. Emphatically, I reiterated here that most of these women (35% of them) are ignorantly unconsciously working as an agent for Devil while the remaining 65% intentionally like this way of dressing. What a shame to the world of women for allowing this to be happening in their world today, folding their hands on their chest without having anything done about this. I think and hope the world of women have not forgotten what women means to the society and the entire world at large.


To Devil, nudity or naked dress in the world of women today has a deep meaning. Anytime you see those women dressing nudely, it conveys a symbolic meaning and message in the world of darkness (hell), which its meaning is known solely to the Devil alone. It’s sad that this is happening in our world today, especially the world of women, I say. Women are the salt in the world of men. Who says without women the world of men wouldn’t be nothing? Without women in the world of men, it would be 100 percent nothing. Women make the world beautiful and add vitality to it. A home or society without woman is a society without life—Woman gives life and she is a life and vitality giver. Why should we now fold our hands and say nothing to this. There are many things I have in mind to say about women, but save that for now. This should not be happening in the world women.