When a child is well trained in the right way, he automatically without doubt becomes an asset to the parent, nation, world and God who gives the child

Train up a child in the way he should go even when he is old he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22: 6)—the vessels retain savour with which it was first seasoned. 

This post is a blend of both physical and spiritual guides and teachings on parenting. It’s brought about as a result of profound research and study done regarding how we can train up our children to yield us good result in life. And here, I am going to have my discussion on one important, dangerous-to-neglect method, spiritual method—discovered that has escaped the mind of some writers—and hitch the points made onto theirs right away to make the issue of parenting a balanced one.

The issue of parenting is a common climate in every home, which need profound attention of parents. Yes, every good parent will strive to know what makes a good parenting; and they will know that for any parents to really apply a good, perfect and balanced parenting skill, they must know that there is a great work for them to do and be familiar to some basic vital factors for parenting—they must know that parenting is highly demanding, but greatly rewarding.

Nurture your seeds to give you peace, rest and best result In life. Nurture them because this is your parental responsibility, duty and right over them. These children only become your life investments only when you understand the value of investing your effort, time, money and parenting ideas on them in the right time.

Parenting Is Highly Demanding But Greatly Rewarding

Parenting, as discovered as the most great, long-term investment, so it’s one of the most difficult and very challenging jobs a parent will definitely and unavoidably face in their efforts over a child. And as it’s so demanding, so it’s discovered to be the most rewarding investment both to the parents and the children themselves. And, a good reason for which a parent should train up a child is when he or she grows old, he or she will not depart from it because there is an adage that says: “the vessels retain savour with which it was first seasoned”. Therefore, it’s a great duty enjoined to the parents in order to the propagation of wisdom, so that it may not die in them.

Bringing About An Effective Parenting Starts From Balancing Our Parenting Skill, and not from half-backed idea or method

From study, it’s revealed that for a parent to really bring about an effective parenting over a child, discipline should be seen as a way to guide, instruct, direct, command and teach a child about positive ways to behave and to live life. Therefore, an effective, functioning parenting method is one that uses discipline in a way that anticipates future needs, changes and problems of a child—it’s one that provides for the child’s present and the future. Study shows that good parenting skill is very crucial for a parent’s success over a child, and it’s as well as crucial for the success of the child himself. Thus, It’s highly beneficial and profitable If parents are able to make balanced their parenting method/skill over a child because an effective, result yielding parenting skill only starts from making balanced our parenting skill/method. Half-backed parenting idea is highly detrimental to the life of our children, therefore we here be fully prepared for this as our full-time responsibility in order to succeed over our children; our plan to train up our children must be full-backed one.

What Is Balanced Parenting?

  • Balanced parenting skill is a way or an act of taking care of a child in a balanced manner by way of combining both physical and spiritual method, knowledge or skill in training up the child by supporting and promoting the child’s development from infancy to adulthood until he is old enough to take good care of himself.
  • Balanced parenting is the use of or a blend of both physical and spiritual parenting skills, plans, ideas, or methods in training up a child to yield up a balanced parenting result in or effect on them.

Balanced parenting method is described as the normal, crucial and basic mutual responsibilities/duties of any responsible parents, both husband and wife, who wish for immeasurable and unimaginable success, joy, peace and rest over the children in any respect, both physically and spiritually at the end of their life. It’s an irreplaceable, must practised effective parenting method.

Balanced Parenting Method’s Requirements 

Balanced parenting method only requires two basic methods: 1) the physical method, and 2) the spiritual method. Balanced parenting requires every parent to simply use both physical and spiritual method in training up their children the way they should go, live and behave in life; It requires them to involve or include both spiritual and physical parenting system to be able to easily achieve their parenting goal over the children the living God has given to them, so as to avoid becoming guilty over them before God in the end. And surely, it’s a reality that combining this two methods will definitely yield both the parent and the children good result in the long run.

The Breakdown Of Balanced Parenting System:

Therefore, under here is the breakdown of the two balanced parenting system we are discussing for in-depth understanding:

Physical parenting method involves giving a child standard education, which will help him cope and become educationally fit in the society, most especially among his colleague, and also it involves home training, which involves discipline; that’s, a way to teach the child how to behave, know the difference between right and wrong (moral), interact, communicate and relate with people in the society. Discipline involves commanding, directing, guiding, instructing and teaching the child about the positive way of behaving and living in life.

Spiritual parenting method involves giving a child spiritual discipline in the word of life (the word of God, the Bible) by way of teaching him to have his feet firmly set on the word of God, letting him know the ways and wills of the Lord for his life and guiding him in the spiritual wisdom by implanting in him the fear of God through God’s word to follow the precept and ordinance of the living God for the whole of his life, so as to have full enjoyment of his coming to this world by being able to actualize God’s giving potential and realize his divine purpose for living in the word of God.

Basic Factors That Make A Balanced Parenting

As said earlier in the above, there are only two requirements for making our parenting ideas, plans, skills, methods, systems—or whatever—balanced, those which I called: physical parenting method and spiritual parenting method. Therefore, these two parenting methods have some factors that facilitate balanced parenting:

  1. Sense of belonging—Sense of belonging is very important because of the way it contributes greatly to a child healthy development. And, the ability of a parent to give the child a good sense of belonging gives the child great opportunity to yield to training and to listen to the guidance and directives of the parent—it makes a child malleable and yielding to their parents’ directives .
  2. Teaching—The Scripture charges parents to train their children for it has great gain over the children, both spiritually and physically. Now, what does it mean to teach a child? To teach a child is to show the child the right and perfect way to live and the right way to walk—it’s giving your total attention and focus, as a parent, on the best way the child can have or live a better, rewarding and positively productive life. Thus, willingness and understanding of the parents to balance their parenting method, both physically and spiritually, is a great way to having perfect rest over the child, both now and in the future.
  3. Guiding—Properly guiding a child is another major quality of a good parenting; it’s a way for parent to show a child the way he or she should walk in. Parents should always make themselves available to provide proper guidance for the child at all cost; they should present themselves beside the child as an indispensable signpost giving or showing directions leading to a glorious, promising future. A functional, productive, protective and balanced guiding method is one which involves both physical and spiritual method: Spiritual method in the sense of praying for and teaching the child in the word of life (word of God).
  4. Commanding—This is an authoritative style of parenting. When we say ‘commanding’, I am not saying to be commanding in a forceful or hash manner, but in a polite, helping and Godly, parental manner. Parent should train their child as soldiers, who are taught to handle their arms, keep rank, and observe the word of command: They should be trained up in the way they should go, but not the way they would go; that is, the way in which, you, as a parent, if you love them, would have them go. Chastise them; initiate them; keep them under discipline, for when they grow old, they will not depart from it.
  5. Instructing—Simply, by the word instructing here, I mean to teach and direct a child in an authoritative manner, in love according as he is capable, with a gentle hand, as nurses feed children, little and often, Deuteronomy 6:7
  6. Providing—Pareents must be able to make every necessary provision available for the children, most especially, both physically and spiritually. As a parent, you must know how the Bible has placed much importance on this by saying, “But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever, 1 Timothy 5: 8”. Your children are your immediate household; they greatly need your attention as your children by providing for their need in the home physically, emotionally, socially, financially, and intellectually, etc. Failure of any parents at this stage of parental duty is the beginning of failure in their overall duty over the children. Good parents are known for their sense of understanding in making every necessary provision available for the children.
  7. Education—Giving a child education is a great privilege and honor to the child to be fit in the society; it’s an great incomparable best legacy a parent can give to a child in life. It’s one of the best way to support and care for the child in life.
  8. The word of God— This is above all. No amount of training or discipline we can give to a child without the word of God can be effective and successful. Excluding this is like taking out success from the child’s life because it’s on this that success of the child is heavily based. Therefore, to make parenting balanced, word of God must not be left out of the rule.  After all of the above listed points, it’s highly advisable that they are wrapped in the word of God for them to be effective and functioning.


Though, parenting is a difficult job for every parent to do, but it’s most rewarding. Paying much attention to and adopting the best basic methods of parenting over a child is every parent primal responsibility in the home. Parents, in their parenting efforts over the children should therefore endeavor to learn how to blend their parenting method, both physically and spiritually, to achieve a perfectly effective method and great reward that endures throughout the life of the child. Also, parents should learn to train the child at the right time so that they could have the comfort and reward of having performed their duty early by the use of normal, effective balanced parenting method.

Train up a child in the way he should go even when he is old he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22: 6)—the vessels retain savour with which it was first seasoned.