Get married for good reasons
Get married for good reasons, and don’t go into marriage in rash. Don’t act like a fool; marriage is not for the fool but for the wise.

Previously, I crafted a post titled #35 wrong reasons you must not get married and said that marriage is not for small girls and boys who have not had any or enough experience about marriage. Yes, I want you to understand that this is true because marriage is not a child’s play. And I reiterated this cliché—as some people say—”if you rush into marriage, you will rush out”, as not true but a misconception. The reason for going against this statement is because I understand that once you rush into marriage, you can’t rush of out it—Instead, you will be stuck in it. I have done deep research about this and discovered this fact from well experienced married couples and expert marriage counselors.

Marriage is important! It’s a divine covenant established between man and woman to fulfill divine purpose and destiny. Don’t rush into it. Think twice before you take a step into it.

7 Genuine Reasons To Get Married

Under here are seven reasons for which youths are advised to get married, for success to be guaranteed in their marriage:

  1. Marry because you have, real, sure and genuine personal CONVICTION—How very sure and clear you are about the woman or the man? Can you say you know him or her very well without doubt? Don’t you ever have any reason for doubt about him or her? If your response is ‘YES’ without hesitation, then your are on the right path. Because in the process of choice making, having real, genuine personal conviction is very important, as it’s just that the journey is for you alone, and whatever you will be facing when you completely get married will be known to you alone; only you will be copying with your problem. Yes, nobody will be there with you! This is why you need to see the clear vision just of where you going to have the whole rest of your life spent with the partner of your choice.
  2. Marry because your DECISION has no reason/room for DOUBT—You see, emphatically, I will repeat what I said earlier in the first point: When I was about to get married, my mentor told me that “any relationship you are into or marital decision you make that gives room for doubt is not genuine. Quit such relationship immediately before it’s late”. Therefore, dear, when you find yourself doubting in your decision to get married, quickly stop, for breaking RELATIONSHIP is better than breaking MARRIAGE.
  3. Marry because the RELATIONSHIP give you no reason to DOUBT—Once again, if your relationship gives reason to doubt, stop it before it’s too late. Because once you are in for it, to be out of it will hard and difficult for you. Relationship shouldn’t make you doubt, but make you happy.
  4. Marry because you are MATURE PHYSICALLY, SPIRITUALLY, FINANCIALLY, and MATERIALLY—Are you mature in these four areas? Are you sure you have steady source of income? Are you spiritually and materially mature? If yes, then you are up to the task! But, without you being matured in these areas, please, don’t think of marriage. You have to, at least, have a regular, steady source of income before you ever think of marriage.
  5. Marry because you’ve seen the clear picture of where you are GOING—Do you see the blueprint of where you are going? Do you see promising future? Are you always happy anytime you and your partner are together? Do you always feel like to smile for joy when you remember him or her? Then, perhaps, this is symptom of right choice.
  6. Marry because God says ‘YES‘—This is number one sign of good and perfect choice. When God says ‘yes’ this is for you’, then don’t doubt it. Go for it and hand it over to God.
  7. Marry because you want to fulfill destiny, divine covenant/promise and purpose—Marriage is an established covenant for the purpose of giving comfort to humanity and to fulfill destiny. Therefore, the first thing to do when making choice is think whether this marriage will help you fulfill your destiny and purpose in life. If it you see that it won’t allow you to make this possible for you, then that is not the right choice for you.
  8. Marry Because It’s Right Time一let me ask you, is it time for you to enter into that marriage? If it’s no, then back off because sorrow and regret await you doing that. Time matters in this issue! Don’t just enter into it if it’s not yet time, for doing this can definitely put your life and future (your destiny) in great jeopardy. If you are not ripe for it, then you are not fitly ready for it! Wait for your time, then you will be happy you do because everything has its own time. Marriage is all about the right time and/but not about impromptu or “I must get marry kind of decision”.


The points you see discussed here—to me—are very important; they are given as a genuine advice to youths to be heeded to because all of them are given, based on experience and fact. They are genuine and Godly reasons abstracted from the heart of God. This is my advice to you: please, don’t marry based on irrational, unhealthy effective reasons, but marry based on genuine reasons because this is a basic determining factor to guarantee marital success and the future of your marriage. Success doesn’t just come in marriage without these things discussed here; they are vital parts of what makes marriage a real success.