If you ever try to marry for a wrong reason, you will weep alone for the rest of your life

I thought this post is for women only. Yes, I thought so; though, it’s for men also. But, mostly, women are found to be the major victims of this issue!

Yes, I have done my research and findings well and have come up with clear and genuine and confirmed wrong reasons why woman always fall for man (man who don’t really love her) or why man fall for woman (woman who don’t have any feeling of love for him), but just to have sexual enjoyment fast and part way or wrongly get hooked to each other, perhaps for the rest of their life if they are not lucky enough to be out of it wrong,messy and useless relationship.

I have gone to those who have been experienced enough regarding this title through my special research method and have found out that people get into the trap of tiger (wicked man or woman) due to so many wrong reasons. If you have read my previous post on ? Today’s women wrong reasons for marriage‘, you would see that I have mentioned a few of these reasons, but here I want to get everything downloaded for you just to be digesting it in your free time. I want to show you 35 major and vital reasons you should not decide entering into marriage without proper preparation and solid, clear personal conviction.

If You Rush Into it, Can You Really Rush Out Of It?

There is a cliché that “if you rush into marriage, you will rush out”. Hey! This is a lie! I completely dispute this statement. Why? The reason is marriage is not a thing you can just rush into and expect to rush out of it. Yes, I emphasize that once you rush into it, you can’t rush out of it. Again, once you rush into it, then you get stuck completely. Even if you are lucky to get out, I believe you will not go out without a mark—for once you are into it, then you are marked already! So, this is why you need to be very patient and careful when making your choice and listening to the advice of the elders. I am not proving I know something, but I know what I know and say what I understand. Marriage is not a child-play. Marriage is like a black market about which you need a lots of information before you buy it! It’s like I am becoming emotional over this. No! It’s just that I know what taking a wrong step into marriage means a lot! Therefore, to make your choice, sit down first and think, and then look at why should you say ‘yes’ to that lucky guy. Then, after your real personal conviction, take the necessary step of confirmation of the reality of your own personal conviction: Yes! You have to confirm maybe your conviction is right and is it divinely driven and supported. Then, if your conviction is right and not driven by anyone of the reasons going to be discussed under here, you can move forward and get married happily.

35 Wrong Reasons

Listed under here are the 36 wrong reasons for which you—as a youth who wants to have happy marriage life—must never enter into marriage:

  1. Don’t Marry because of SEX
  2. Don’t Mary because of BEAUTY
  3. Don’t Marry because of FAME
  4. Don’t Marry HE or SHE is a CELEBRITY or a STAR
  5. Don’t Marry because you are in a SERIOUS NEED
  6. Don’t Marry because you are in a TRAUMATIC SITUATION
  7. Don’t Marry because your PARENTS have promised their friend for/on a purpose that you and their friend’s child will Marry
  8. Don’t Marry because your parents and their friend run the same business or company
  9. Don’t Marry for PROMOTION at your place of work
  10. Don’t Marry for RICHES/WEALTH
  11. Don’t Marry to get JOB
  12. Don’t Marry because you are getting OLD
  13. Don’t Marry because you are of AGE
  14. Don’t Marry because you are LONELY
  15. Don’t Marry because you Need someone to SUPPORT you FINANCIALLY
  16. Don’t Marry because you MISTAKENLY Got PREGNANT for Him
  17. Don’t Marry because you don’t want to LOSE the PERSON
  18. Don’t Marry because of Family PRESSURES
  19. Don’t Marry because you Like the IDEA Of
  20. Don’t Marry because of PITY or Out of PITY
  21. Don’t Marry because of TRIBE
  22. Don’t Marry because you Admire of WEDDING GOWN you See
  23. Don’t Marry because you Love KIDS
  24. Don’t Marry because all your Friends are getting Married,
  25. Don’t Marry because of Physical/ Academic Qualifications
  26. Don’t Marry if you are not MATURE enough
  27. Don’t Marry if you are not fully PREPARED or READY for it
  28. Don’t Marry because you see HIM or HER in your DREAM
  29. Don’t Marry because someone RECOMMEND HIM or HER to you
  30. Don’t Marry if you are not SURE
  31. Don’t Marry because of POWER
  32. Don’t Marry because of CONNECTION
  33. Don’t Marry because of MONEY
  34. Don’t Marry because of INFLUENCE
  35. Don’t Marry because of AUTHORITY

Six Genuine Reasons To Get Married Or Plan Marriage

Unh, I know you are thinking and asking yourself, ‘hey, what do I do now to get married?!’ Is this not too much?! Ok, now for which reason you should really marry? Fine this is a rational question for you to ask! Look under here to see—just in brief—the major genuine reasons for you to get married:

  1. Marry because you have a real, genuine personal conviction about the person you are going to have all the rest of your life shared with without turning back.
  2. Marry because you don’t have any doubt of any nature about the person you want to marry. If your relationship with that person make you—at times—doubt, quickly quite such a relationship. Relationship that will long last and have peaceful future must not give you any reason to doubt.
  3. Marry because you have seen the clear view and blueprint of where you are going to have the rest of your life spent.
  4. Marry because you want to fulfil your God-given destiny, purpose and promise.∗∗∗
  5. Marry because God says yes, ‘this is Mr or Mrs right for you’.
  6. Marry because you are mature physically, spiritually, financially and materially—these four stages describe the best and right time for you to get married.


Do you know why I have put in all my energies and efforts in making this post possible for you to read? It’s because I have had enough experience about marriage and the frustration those who have found themselves in a wrong relationship/marriage go through because of one of the reasons listed on this page. Therefore, it’s good to listen to advice and to make no mistake to enter into marriage in rash because of anyone of the wrong reasons listed above. Seek for advice and guidance from the wise, and surely you will be wise because you can’t do this on your own. Know that purpose and plan established [successful] by multitude of counsel.