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Marry for good purpose

See marriage: a vital component of human destiny and why nudity has become a fashion in vogue in the world of todays women?

When any woman relies on the strength of the four things to be discussed here, expecting them to give her marital happiness, joy, peace and comfort she desires in life and seeing them as the most perfect and sure things needed to achieve her major life goals in order to become whom she desires to become in this one world we are in, then there is great tendency for her to find herself disappointed, a square peg in a round hole; which could definitely cause her deep regret without remedy in her whole life. Every wise woman marries for one major reason—pure love, but not for money, fame, influence and power and connection!


Recent study has shown that there are quite a number of reasons for which marriage quickly comes to an end while no solution has been found to it. Evidence shows that most of—at least 75% of them—today’s sophisticated, well-educated young women see divorce as a normal way of life. And now, with the look of things, it seems that this situation is speedily going worst and out of control everyday as divorce has now become the common song being sung by these young women, most especially among those so-called celebrities in our world of entertainment (Sorry to sound a bit specific here). And mind you, this is not said to abuse our dear celebrities or destroy anybody’s or any industry’s reputation (image), but it’s just to point out the reality about this particular issue. Most of these women don’t even want to know about anything more than getting rich and wealthy quickly in the mid of the night. And as a result, they fall for men so cheaply (hey! This is highly disappointing!). What a shameless world we are in! And these women, after one or two children, you will see them leave their husband and prefer to stay single—and like this tagged themselves, “single-married“—probably because their marriage is not anymore rosy as it was from the beginning or as expected.

Today’s World Of News

Unfortunately, looking into the world of news today, one of the most conspicuous, saddening news headlines found the most popular, hot and trending among other news headlines, both online and offline media platforms (mostly the Radio an television), are celebrities’ marriage quick divorce news. In the same vein, it does not end there, as this is happening in the celebrities environments, so it’s happenings in the non-celebrities’ environments. It’s highly a sorry case that this is happening in our world without a way out! What we see happening now shows that almost all today’s women are wearing the same shoes into marriage—just because they want quick money and fame but not love nor marriage. Therefore, however, I see that if there should be a solution to this problem at all—because no problem is without a solution—you and I must try to ask ourselves this particular question, “what is the cause of this?”, as this question seems to have potential to lead to solution. Therefore, in the course of asking such a question, four basic reasons came up which serve as the basic wrong reasons for which today’s women always fall for men and thus experience unimaginable and unfathomable sorrow of unwarranted separation. One of these group of women’s common phrases is ‘money for hand, back on the ground’.

Let’s quickly discuss those four reasons under here:

The Four Wrong Reasons Explained

  1. Money—Money! Money! Money! They say, “money is the root of all evils”, but this same is useful for all reasons in life, and especially for you and I to enjoy life. But as this is important, so some women are because of it getting themselves regretfully hooked in the wrong relationship and marriage, forgetting that marital success and joy are beyond marrying for money. For marriage to be successful, money shouldn’t be the object; and it shouldn’t be the first. Any relationship or marriage driven by the force of money can’t be successful, but it’s instead sorrowful and regretful. The reality there is that today’s women are no longer showing concern for or interested in the word ‘pure love’ or ‘for better for worse‘ anymore, but only in riches and wealth without even considering if this will spell doom for them in the end. They don’t want to know the outcome, but the income. This is the number one error these women are committing in the course of getting married.
  2. Fame—News from some highly advanced and experienced, expert marriage counselors, both men and women, has revealed why some of today’s young women easily fall for men without thinking twice about what could be the outcome of their falling in love. These counselors exposed the basic rationale behind why many of them easily fall for men they don’t actually love, which is basically just for the purpose of having fame in their career line (they want people to know them; they want to be widely known), which is totally a costly wrong reason or motive for any responsible woman to engage in love with a man—this is a costly error (mistake) that every woman should try to avoid in their life if they really want marital joy and success. They further described these type of women who easily fall for men on ground of seeing it as a way of having fame, as a total shame to womanhood, women without a common sense.
  3. Connection—In search for connection because they want to be highly connected, some women have wrongly made themselves cheap stuff to men, men who are not ready for them for a second. This is why marriages are no more last because these so-called today’s women are not fit for the relationship they found themselves—they are into it for completely a wrong reason.
  4. Power&Influence—75% of today’s women (especially, those so-called well-educated, advanced and famous women in town today) are greatly in search of power and influence. They want power and influence like a gold-rusher who is looking for the centuries treasure trove—they want it as much as they can find and give whatever it costs! No wonder these women are, for whatever cost, making themselves available for any man (in power) that comes their way. They say “nothing is like power, we shall get power with whatever we have; we will use whatever we have to get whatever we want; and the outcome…this does not matter, but the income…this is matter so much to us. This is also the core cause of error for these women, forgetting that the future speaks more than the present! They are ignorant of the fact that their present hold their future.


An adage says “all that glitters is not gold”. Marrying for a wrong motive today is a sorrow of tomorrow. Success in marriage does not base on any of those four things explained above, but on understanding of what success in marriage involves. Marry for genuine reasons to have genuine marital success. All those things discussed above are important, but not the genuine reasons and not the first in marriage—they can give partial and physical joy and happiness though, but only temporarily.

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